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We’re Almost Here!

Finally, the time of the site launch has arrived! With only a few hours until the site launch to the public. I’m glad to inform you that we’re excited to see the turnout. On Monday, simply visit the site ( ) and sign up for your free account. The first week is totally free of charge! Sign up, create your Artist (Fan) Profile, and upload some music. Let’s have some fun everyone!



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Get Satisfaction Contact System

Hello everyone,

I’d like to inform you that we will be using the GetSatisfaction system for all of your contact needs. Eventually we’ll be integrating the entire system on-site for you to ask questions, comments, posts, and more. Until then visit our contact link below and ask away of any questions you may have:

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6 Days Left / Mop Up The Bugs!

Hey everyone,

Alot has been going on here at WaTunes. With only 6 days left until the official BETA launch of our site, we’re really pushing ourselves to meet the expectations of many of our customers and new visitors.

Like any other beta launched site, WaTunes 2 will have bugs and errors. It’s up to you to spot any bugs and errors you may find and send it to our e-mail. We’ll work really hard to make sure these bugs get fixed to best create the new music experience we have been promising you.

Upon the launch heres some things that will be available and that will not be available:


– Upload and Manage your album contents
– Create your own Artist Profile (Fans you can do this too!)
– Create multiple profiles (For Record Labels/Distributors)
– Rate/Comment albums and songs!
– Explore the site and listen to music for free!
– Download Music from iTunes (This feature maybe available upon the launch)


– Music Store Content Delivery (Sorry about this one, we’re still testing our first batch of stores to be integrated into our new XDI software. Rest assure, once the first batch is completed, I’ll announce it and you’ll be able to get your content placed at our music store services).
– Custom Sales Dashboard (This system may be integrating no sooner than December. Lots of other features to be added first before we jump on this one!)
– Add Friends (Fans)/Send Messages (This feature is undergoing brainstorming and we’ll let you all know of the updates on this one.)

As we move forward towards 2009, we’re gearing up to make your music experience as new and innovative as possible.

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Dial-Up Problem Resolved

Alot of our clients who were using dial-up have asked me that utilizing an on-line web interface would increase time of uploading content vs FTP transfers. Because of this, we have finally came up with a solution to this problem. WaTunes 2 will enable the users to upload any song at any time. For example, rather than uploading 5 songs at once to complete an upload, the user can upload the 5 songs within 5 days and still be able to upload successfully. As a result, this enable the dial-up users to become much more flexible in delivering their content using our new system.

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WaTunes 2 On PC Advisor

Hey everyone, got some pretty cool news. We’re getting alot of press lately regarding the site launch of WaTunes 2. We’re now featured on places like Skope Magazine, US News Weekly, USPWire, I-Newswire, and more. Heres an awesome press coverage from PC Advisor:

WaTunes 2 On PC Advisor

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WaTunes 2 Teaser Page Online!

Hello everyone,

It is my pleasure to inform you that the WaTunes 2 teaser page is online. I welcome you to invite all your friends, family, and co-workers to subscribe to our mailing list. As you all know WaTunes 2 will be open to the fans as well as the artist. So what are you waiting for? Visit our website at: and subscribe today!

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