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Why WaTunes 2.0 is here …

Here’s another compelling reason why WaTunes is here to serve you. While most people are now moving to buying “singles”, there’s still a few holdouts that want to keep on selling albums. The last paragraph of this article is noteworthy.

“But the music industry, stuck obsessing about exactly that — former revenue — would prefer that you only listen to music when and where they want you to. And that’s no way to figure out the path to future revenue.”

WaTune 2.0 is already here so that you figure out the path to YOUR future revenue! Get into WaTunes 2.0 now!

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670 songs and counting …

and the songs keep coming in!

as of THIS time we got:

105 users
118 artists

hey, we’re just newly-minted but we’re getting BUZZ all over!

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WaTunes 2.0 First Paying Customer!

And we’re off ….!!!

Just got a report from Kevin that after our FREE first week, we already have our first paying customer in LESS THAN AN HOUR! 🙂

WaTunes 2.0 is online and working!

Get your tunage in! 🙂

posted by Paul “The Pageman” Pajo

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WaTunes 2.0 UPDATED to WaTunes 2.1

Hello everyone,

I’d like to express my thought to thank all of you for your support and input of our site. Today we have updated our site to 2.1. From there we’ll began to create a whole new experience for you and how you can manage your content. New features has been added as well as a new upgraded look. Please visit our site and let us know what you think of our new upgrade. Please share us your thoughts about our new update.



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First FREE Week!

Hello everyone,

Starting today of the launch of our site to September 7th, artists & labels will be able to take advantage of our new services for free. Upon September 8th, we’ll integrate the billing system for you to pay for our services. So invite all of your artist community to visit our site, sign up, and upload some music as we move forward to 2009!

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WaTunes 2 IS A GO!

Today is the day everyone! WaTunes is finally back and is fully online with WaTunes 2! Visit our website now at and sign up free. On September 8th, we’ll began to integrate and launch our fee-base model. Invite your friends and have them sign up at our website free before it’s too late! Let’s have some fun!

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