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WaTunes Contents Now Available At ShockHound!

Hi guys,

It is with great pleasure to announce to you that we are now able to send your music to ShockHound. ShockHound is a new mp3 music store by desire clothing store Hot Topic. As always, you can sell unlimited songs on ShockHound and keep 100% of your sales for just $10 a month. So what are you waiting for? Get your music up on ShockHound and other stores today!

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So What is WaTunes? Our Chief Marketing Officer Will Tell You!

I get lots of e-mails, questions, comments, and inquiries on ‘What exactly is WaTunes?’ Tony Pytleski, our Chief Marketing Officer will give you a quick pitch to let you know what WaTunes is and what we’re all about. Check out the video below to get the scoop from the CMO himself! 🙂

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Quick Glimpse at the new WaTunes Site Update!

Hi guys,

So far it’s been a great success this year. Providing music store features, interviews, and branding music has been a great experience for me and the staff as well as a lot of fun. I enjoy seeing the success customers can have with our services and how personalize we can truly become to make sure the experience is well pleasant. I’ve had the chance to make things happen as I am proud to announce that WaTunes will undergo yet another update. This update will not reflect the design of the site but rather the functionality. WaTunes 2.0.5 (Codename: Veronica) will be updated to WaTunes 2.1.0 (Julia) real soon. No set release date has been made yet but I’d like to show you guys some screenshots of the update. Below is the discography page and the differences.

Before: (Veronica)

After: (Julia)

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Dice & K9/MOBBSTARR hits the iTunes shelves with their hit single ‘Eargasmic’

Hey everyone,

We’re getting very good at this. International hip-hop & pop group Dice & K9/MOBBSTARR is now featured on iTunes with their hit single ‘Eargasmic’. Dice & K9/MOBBSTARR is a unique group that is from the Philippines. Group members are: Hi-C, Dice, and Klumcee. As always, we love to post about our upcoming artists as well as their music store features by any means. Like what you see here? Then sign up for your account today and sell unlimited songs and albums for only $10 a month!

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Kitty Katt first debut album hits the front page on iTunes!

Hey guys,

Kevin here. WaTunes has always brought to your attention the possibilities of our services, and providing you with possible music store features is no exception. Rising hip-hop star Kitty Katt first debut album Diary of Hustler is now featured on the very front page of the iTunes Store! Pick up your copy today and download the full-length album now! If you’re an artist or label looking for social media distribution, let us work with you to provide you to help you build your artist brand and who knows, the next possible music store feature could be you!

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