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Free Tips to Market Your Music!

Many of you may be unaware that I’m also the current CEO of Marketing & PR company: Music Expand. Music Expand is a marketing service that provides extensive marketing and promotions to music artists, record labels, and distributors, all based on their budget. I’ve spoke with Bill Swick, who is the President of Client Services at Music Expand. Bill has created a blog specifically to provide you guys with free marketing tips and strategies on how to reach out to your potential fans. You can view the original blog on how to market your music by logging into your WaTunes account and click on Free Marketing Tips under the ‘Getting Started’ section or click on the link below.

Market Your Music

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Interview with the RockStars

With all the excitement with our company, it is very cool to see people taking notice and spreading the word on what we’re offering to musicians out there for digital distribution. I was very fortunate to have a chat with Greg Rollett of Gen-Y Rockstars which is a blog dedicated to providing new resources for musicians to push their career to new heights. In this interview, we talked about social interaction and how we plan to incorporate that component into WaTunes 3. I hope you all enjoy this interview and post your comments here on what you thought about it.

WaTunes Free Digital Distribution

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How Is It Possible?

I get a lot of these questions lately which is very interesting. With WaTunes digital distribution services becoming the world’s most effective for musicians and bands, many are pondering the thought of “Free distribution without giving up any royalties.” How is this possible? Is it possible?

The answer to that question is fairly simple: Yes! The internet has really change the way content is delivered, displayed, and shared. In the distribution realm, taking a step back in time, it was very difficult for a musician to score a record deal and get their music place to any retailer. Bands would have to sell their soul and sign up with a label that would take over their entire image as well as their sales earnings. Today, with new technologies, music distribution has became a fruit basket where any band can get their music on major music stores. So the question is now “Should a musician be entitled to pay a company to distribute their work? Should a musician be obligated to give up royalties?”

As a musician myself, I certainly don’t believe it is fair to give up my royalties to a distributor. Reason being is that if I am a musician with some hardcore marketing connects and sold over 100,000 units on iTunes, that’s about roughly $70,000 I would earn as a musician. The problem would be that if my distributor takes even 10% of that, I’m left with $63,000. Now don’t get me wrong. The pro is that I’m entrusting my distributor with money to stay afloat. However, if I’m doing all the marketing while they sit back earning my royalties, is that a fair trade?

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WaTunes is nominated for the OnHollywood 2009 Top 100

Hey everyone,

Taking a first step to an ever-changing industry, WaTunes has paved the way of free digital distribution to many artist and labels. With new & current customers are now able to sell their music contents without restrictions and earning 100% of the royalties, we’ve generated some huge noise around the world. AlwaysOn has been a great network where major events are held every year bringing new innovation, creativity, new technologies, and more within media, marketing, environmental, social, and more. It is with great excitement to say that we have been recently nominated to their upcoming event: OnHollywood 2009 Top 100. This event brings cutting-edge technology CEOs with digital entertainment and media elites. I hope that you all wish us luck as we move forward with the selection process and so much more. Stay tuned! 🙂

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Performer Mag reaches out for WaTunes Digital Music Story!

Hi guys,

It’s been a very wild month. We start off with the announcement of offering the world’s revolutionary digital distribution service, attaining all of this buzz and press. Now users from around the world has jump in on the action and is enjoying the fruits of what it is like to get their contents up for sale, earning 100% of their royalties, all at no cost to them! As I was working on ingesting contents with my Content Team, I’ve receive an e-mail from Performer Magazine to write an article about us. For those of you that do not know, Performer is the largest musicians’ trade publication, highlights the best unsigned and independent musical acts from the U.S. I must say, our story is truly compelling and it’s only the beginning as we pave the way for anyone to freely distribute their music. This is the future of Content Delivery as a whole. Look out for an article from these guys sometime next month.

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WaTunes In The News!

This is quite compelling to see how far the buzz about our company going absolute and becoming the world’s cheapest digital distributor. I’d have to say that we did not do this out of desperation but out of our compassion to help the artists and labels succeed in the music industry. With our game plan set in stone, I don’t think our burn-rate is that significant at the moment.

In other news, I am very excited to say that our noise has reached The 33 News, a news syndication site that focus on information in today’s technology, music, sports, and weather. I’d like to thank Pelpina Trip and The 33 News cast and team to share with their audience our compelling story. If you are interested, click on the link below to check out the video and article of their story.

WaTunes on The 33 News

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Tell Us What You Think! Send Us Your Feedback!

In this state of our company, one of our core values is to hear the voices of our customers. This is why I’ve integrated a quick and very short survey that I’d like you guys to fill out as we’re making our services more apparent for you. To help us improve on your music sharing experience, please tell us what you think. Send us your feedback of what you like about our services so far. We delight to get constructive feedback to make our site better and better.

Getting Started

So how do you send us your feedback? You can send us your feedback anytime by logging into your account and click on ‘Tell Us What You Think!’ On this page, simply fill out a quick survey of your experience with us and how we can improve. As always, we want to hear your voice and your opinion on our service. If you have ANY suggestive ideas that you think could benefit our service, feel free to share it with us. Your ideas and suggestions can be our answer and innovation as we move forward to 2009!

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WaTunes Now Works With New Emerging Music Store: Urfilez

Hi guys,

As always, we like to find innovative music store services that can propel you into a different market where your music is present to build a wide range of fans to buy your music. I am proud to announce that we are now able to distribute music to Urfilez is a brand new digital music store that targets the emerging markets. This store is a very cool way to gain access into that market for your music and to drive potential fans in that area. Well guys? Let’s have some fun!

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Monetizing A Revolutionary Model

I must say, I am very excited about the huge buzz that is going around the world regarding the great, tried and true opportunity we’re beginning to offer to such amazing new artists and record labels. Here in this post I will try my best to briefly answer the question that is on everyone’s minds: How will WaTunes make money? Below are streams in which the company will earn sufficient revenue:

A.) WaTunes 3
With the power of WaTunes 3, WaTunes will be able to earn revenue based on our media software & upcoming music store. This will probably be the company’s primary source of revenue as we gear to draw in a prominent user base specifically to reveal this new service. WaTunes 3 will provide ringtone links, premium downloads, and subscription plans.

B.) Ad Revenue
This seems to be the focus on a lot of blogs and media sites. The truth is that Advertisements will not be WaTunes primary source of revenue. Though Ad Revenue will play a crucial role to the company’s success story, we believe that this sector will not benefit WaTunes services alone.

These are just a few concepts that WaTunes will provide in the near future to the users of the site along with obvious basic social networking elements. One of the key concerns I’ve saw from a lot of commentors were the assumption of maintaining a model like this based on high maintenance cost. I am very grateful to say that our maintenance cost is very low and very managable. I hope what I’ve stated can put some minds at ease on the upcoming future of the company.

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DCM Temporary Crash ‘n’ Fix!

As many of you is probably aware by now, we’ve recently experience a short crash in the content management system. This was caused as we were attempting to update the content management system with new features and functions. What we’ve done now is backed up the content system from March 4th.

If you are an artist who has uploaded contents from March 5th and beyond, you do not need to re-upload your contents. You only need to re-input your album information. You can request your album information by submitting a request to and provide the artist name and album name of the contents. From there we’ll be able to send you an e-mail with the corresponding album information for you to re-input and you should be good to go to view the albums in your discography. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us at:

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