How Is It Possible?

March 25, 2009 at 4:52 pm Leave a comment

I get a lot of these questions lately which is very interesting. With WaTunes digital distribution services becoming the world’s most effective for musicians and bands, many are pondering the thought of “Free distribution without giving up any royalties.” How is this possible? Is it possible?

The answer to that question is fairly simple: Yes! The internet has really change the way content is delivered, displayed, and shared. In the distribution realm, taking a step back in time, it was very difficult for a musician to score a record deal and get their music place to any retailer. Bands would have to sell their soul and sign up with a label that would take over their entire image as well as their sales earnings. Today, with new technologies, music distribution has became a fruit basket where any band can get their music on major music stores. So the question is now “Should a musician be entitled to pay a company to distribute their work? Should a musician be obligated to give up royalties?”

As a musician myself, I certainly don’t believe it is fair to give up my royalties to a distributor. Reason being is that if I am a musician with some hardcore marketing connects and sold over 100,000 units on iTunes, that’s about roughly $70,000 I would earn as a musician. The problem would be that if my distributor takes even 10% of that, I’m left with $63,000. Now don’t get me wrong. The pro is that I’m entrusting my distributor with money to stay afloat. However, if I’m doing all the marketing while they sit back earning my royalties, is that a fair trade?


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