Digitizing and Monetizing Your Music Space

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Hey guys,

It’s been a very interesting week so far. Lots of new developments are taking place as the time draws near for us to reveal a proper date for WaTunes New Experience. I’d like to share with you on ‘Digitizing and Monetizing Your Music Space’. Well firstly put, digitizing your music space has been made very simple through online music distribution. Because there are unlimited inventory space and no manufacturing cost, it’s very simple and effective to digitize your music in channels where your music is very accessible.

Sometimes digitizing can become a challenge. This is due to a more traditional style of distribution in which an aggregator of sorts would require an utmost ownership of your content. In honesty, an artist real dream is to be able to place their music to where their major counterparts are present. However, in reality, almost everyone believes that by getting their music on the shelves would constitute them being found by potential fans much more rapidly. This kind of mentality has desensitize independent musicians because it being able to earn sufficient sales requires more than being on the selves of say iTunes. So ask yourselves this question: How much money do I want to make by making music?

I personally believe that anything is possible as I also believe that anyone can make as much money as they can set their goals to reach for or achieve. The first step to making the money you want to make in music is to invest in your marketing & promotions. This can be accomplished by first investing into a very cost effective online music distribution service (such as WaTunes) that enables you to free up more funds for your promotional campaigns. From a truthful perspective, if you spend more on distributing and digitizing your content than you to monetizing your content, you won’t be able to progress to increase your sales and earn the money you want.

Because the internet is so vast with new innovative business ideas that is creating ways to propel your music space in a cost effective manner, you can be able to re-invest into your own promotion and as a result monetize your music space.


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