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WaTunes partners with Amazon to offer On-Demand CD Service

Hey guys,

For those who has been itching to get your music on AmazonMP3, not only have your prayers been answered, but it is official that WaTunes has partnered with Amazon to offer you Amazon On-Demand! With Amazon On-Demand, you’ll be able to sell physical CDs on the Amazon store as well as digital downloads on AmazonMP3. Now you can take control of your complete music products and bring them into the physical CD world. Even though CD sales are declining, they are still a huge by product of your sales. We highly recommend that you go for Amazon On-Demand if you are selling a full-length (10 tracks or more) album.

Q: So what does this mean for VIP customers?

As a VIP customer, you’ll be able to OPT-IN into Amazon On-Demand + AmazonMP3 entirely free as apart of your $29.95 yearly fee. As always, you’ll be entitled to earn 100% of your royalties (about 40% paid out to every artist through Amazon On-Demand). If you’re a VIP customer and you are selling only singles, you can still OPT-IN into the AmazonMP3 store for digital downloads.

Q: So what does this mean for Free customers?

As a Free customer, you now have the option to OPT-IN into the Amazon On-Demand + AmazonMP3 service for $10 per album. Normally, you are able to sell your music entirely free into iTunes, eMusic, and ShockHound. Now, you’ll be able to optimize your music into physical CDs and sell them on Amazon at the lowest cost possible with no annual fees. As always, you’ll be entitled to earn 100% of your royalties (about 40% paid out to every artist through Amazon On-Demand). If you only want to OPT-IN into AmazonMP3 you can still do so for $10 per album (including singles).

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WaTunes Partner Music Expand Launches New Marketing Store

Hey guys,

I am proud to say that our sister company Music Expand has re-launched into a brand new marketing store! Now you’ll be able to shop for your own marketing & promotional services. Need radio promotions? Not a problem! Music Expand can get the job done! Need PR Distribution? No sweat! Music Expand works with leading PR Networks to expand your web presence. Need ad placements? Easy! Music Expand works with leading social sites including Facebook to get your banners available to the masses! If you guys need some marketing & promotions for the low cost, now you can get it at Music Expand with ease. WaTunes artists, I’d advise you guys to check it out!

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Makell Bird Presents: Maktown Radio Vol. 7 Now featured on iTunes!

Hey guys,

Wow! We are cruising this week! First off, we introduced the first ever iTunes Daily Trending Reports. This gives you the power to track your sales on a day-to-day basis. Now, we got a new feature in place this week on the iTunes Store! Makell Bird, also known as “The Mixtape King of Las Vegas” releases his 7th series of Maktown Radio. This compilation features Ty Real, J Steele, Holmez, and more! Get your copy of this compilation on iTunes today!

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DJ Alodis of Kandystand Shares His Experience with WaTunes!

Kandystand Website | Kandystand on iTunes

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The Wait Is Over! WaTunes VIP Goes In Full Swing!

Hey guys,

The wait is now over! WaTunes VIP service is fully launched. If you are a VIP customer, your contents are now being processed to go into every store that is covered with the VIP service. Please note that these stores may take up to 4-6 weeks before you see your music available at these music store services. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your account to VIP and gain entry to more music stores today!

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WaTunes Introduce iTunes Daily Trending Reports To Everyone!

Hey guys,

Wow what a day! Been creating and developing here and there for WaTunes New Experience, it’s becoming a handful…No I’m just kidding. Anyways, we got some very great announcements. As of today, WaTunes is among the first offer iTunes Daily Trending Reports to both Free Users and VIPs for just $1.99 per report. Now you’ll be able to see how your sales are doing on a day-to-day basis. No longer do you have to wait a week or even a month to see your sales.

So how do you get started?

Simple. Login to your WaTunes account, click on our new ‘Sales/Trend Report’ page which will take you to the sales page. Finally submit your $1.99 fee and request to receive your iTunes Daily Trending Report from up to 7 days. So for example, today is July 17th, you can request your Trending Report from as early as July 10th. So why wait? Request your daily reports and see how your sales are doing on a day-to-day today!

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Freakshow & Jab shares the spotlight on iTunes!

As you already know, WaTunes is a place not only for online music distribution, but also a place to share your music with your fans. One of the key things that really makes a difference with WaTunes is that our goal is to not only distribute your music, but to provide possible marketing opportunities whenever we see the window. I am very excited to say that WaTunes has secured more features for our customers on iTunes and the show has only just begun. First off, Freakshow:

For those who may not know, Freakshow is one of the most anticipated rock/metal groups hailing from British Columbia, Canada. The group features Markus Allen Christopher (of M!SS CRAZY), Jeff La Bar (of Cinderella), Tony Franklin (of The Firm & Blue Murder), and the legendary Frank Banali (of Quiet Riot). Their debut album “Freakshow” by Retrospect Records as received critical acclaim from around the world. Here at WaTunes, we’d like to welcome them into our family and showcase their iTunes feature this week! If you’re a rock fan, pick up your copy of Freakshow today!

Another unique artist coming into the shine is Jab:

Jab (also known as Joseph Gamache) is a entertainer with major proportions. Hailing from Flint, Michigan, Jab has delivered his lyrical works from touring cross country, providing a new twist in Hip-Hop to his fans. Signed to the refreshing and innovative label FrontStreet Records, Jab releases his latest single “Alright” and he won’t stop there. Expect to see more from this artist and the label. We’re happy to spread him some iTunes love and give him a spotlight feature! Pick up your copy of “Alright” today!

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Would You Like To Sell Ringtones?


As you know, VIP customers will be given the ability to deliver their music into loads of mobile stores including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. But, wouldn’t it be great if you as a free user can also transform your music into ringtones?

That’s where Thumbplay comes into play effectively! WaTunes has inked a complete 180 deal with Thumbplay to help you sell your music as ringtones not just at Thumbplay, but also to over 500 sites that is powered by Thumbplay’s catalog (including Airplay Direct and AOL Mobile). Thumbplay has also joined with WaTunes to launch the upcoming WaTunes Mobile Store (which will be completed integrated with WaTunes New Experience) enabling you to purchase over 600,000 ringtone downloads from both majors and independent artists.

Now how in the world do you jump into something like this? Simple!

Join Thumbplay’s OPEN Platform. Simply sign up as an artist, convert your tunes into ringtones and instantly gets published into Thumbplay. No waiting 4-6 weeks, nada. You can start transforming your music into quality ringtones for your fans to snag-n-grab, and because you have a direct deal with Thumbplay, you keep 100% of your royalties! Who would of thought?! I will add this link into your Dashboard by Tuesday to enable you to create your account and start selling ringtones. The best part, is that it will automatically become part of the WaTunes Mobile Store, so when we launch WaTunes New Experience in the Fall, your fans will be able to directly purchase ringtones from WaTunes without leaving your page! Can someone say “Easy does it”?

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What Stores Do You Want? Let Us Hear From You!

Hey guys,

It’s been an amazing time this year. Since March, we’ve made history by becoming the world’s first freemium online music distribution service. Giving you the power to sell your music to iTunes, eMusic, and ShockHound entirely free while you control your rights, masters, and 100% of your royalties has become a compelling model that taken route to new opportunities for you.

One of the best things about WaTunes is that it is based on ideas by you, the artist! It’s you that has given us the ability to provide new opportunities and features to best cater to your needs. Giving more music store options, more market opportunities, and more! Your ideas, your feedback, your suggestions, your reviews, is what helps WaTunes become a powerhouse in the digital music landscape. So I have to ask all of you two questions:

Q: What music store services would you like your music to be made available?


Q: What are other ideas, suggestions, and feedback you believe would benefit you through WaTunes?

Please post your comments and thoughts here and let us know as we’d like to hear more from you. 🙂

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Indie-Punk Distributor Lumberjack Mordam Music Group Goes Under. WaTunes Paves The Way For Digital Distribution for Lumberjack labels!

Excerpt from Musformation

Our earlier speculation turned out to be true! Lumberjack/Mordam is shutting down all operations. Earlier we concluded that this will be a symptom of people buying less records and going more digital based. We had an astute commentor who gave the following insight:

“I run one of the labels involved. It’s not the digital that did them under, over the years since Dirk Hemsath took over the company things have gone downhill, and labels have not been getting paid at all (with very few exceptions)
Their digital sales, they also never paid to their labels.

Their phones/E mails etc, have been turned off since late June.

Anyway, I just don’t agree at all, that it has anything to do with digital music, but more to do with simple accounting and morality, (as their digital sales of labels material were very rarely ever paid to the labels either)”

It’s very sad to see a very reputable indie-punk digital aggregator going under. In most cases, it’s always interesting to see a more clear focused distributor that targeted particular music. In like of dark moments for the labels at Lumberjack, there is indeed a ray of hope. Here at WaTunes, we’re able to provide them with the most prominent digital distribution on the web. As the first and only free digital distribution platform, labels are able to re-gain entry into the digital landscape, increasing their profits, while their distribution cost is reduced to little to zero.

Though I am biased, I believe that it is our goal to help musicians and record labels increase their profits and reduce their distribution cost to help save them time, efficiency, and of course money. In this world’s current economical state, it’s only fitting that a freemium model could be a possible solution to reducing the challenges many music acts and businesses are facing. On the behalf of the WaTunes team, I speak for all of us when I say that I hope that things will work out for the labels of Lumberjack and that we are always more than willing to extend our hand in providing them with the most effective online music distribution services out there.

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