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WaTunes Wants To Meet You! Personally!

Hey guys,

Very exciting times ahead as we draw close to reveal our release date for WaTunes New Experience (yay its finally coming!). For the remainder of the year, myself and some of the WaTunes executives will be flying to some major cities to attend some really great events and hopefully be able to meet some of you in person! If you are in the area or close to the area at the time of our arrivals, feel free to shoot us a line and we can setup a time to meet up, have lunch, talk about WaTunes, humble beginnings, bright future, anything you want!

Besides of primary fact of attending these events, we want to meet you! We take pride in not just working for you but also working with you. So without further delay, below is our travel schedule for the year of 2009. Please note that this list may be subject to change at anytime:

San Francisco, CA (September 24th – 27th)
San Diego, CA (October 8th – 11th)
Atlanta, GA (November 8th – 15th)
New York, NY (December 30th- 3rd)

Looking forward to meeting some of you! 🙂

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Promo Trio: Braulio + Barbara Sheree + Asnazzy scores a featured spotlight on iTunes!

Hey guys,

As always, we love to boost our success when we see our customers securing feature placements at various music store services. This shows that with our revolutionary model, we’re not all just about getting your music into the iTunes Store. Here at WaTunes, we’re dedicated people that really wants to help you succeed and give you a potential spotlight to shine. So without further delays, let us kick off this weeks iTunes favorites! Make sure that you pick up your copy of these releases on iTunes Today!

First off is: Braulio – They Gotta Love It (Remix) – Single / Frontstreet Records

Secondly: ASNAZZY – It’s a Hurricane – EP / ASNAZZY Productions

Finally: Barbara Sheree – Writer’s Block – Single / SOUND FOUND MUSIC GROUP

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Legendary MC Spyder D. Chooses WaTunes to release his latest single on iTunes!

Hey guys,

It is official! Duane “Spyder D.” Hughes, a pioneer of hip-hop & rap music has chosen WaTunes, the world’s first free online music distributor to sell his latest single ‘Who You Follow (My Twitter Baby)‘ from his final full-length album ‘Legendary’! For those who is not familiar with Spyder D, he is considered the first rap artist to ever start a record label (Newtroit Records) and has laid acclaim with his hit single “Big Apple Rappin’ in 1980.

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

“As an artist/producer, Duane Hughes (aka Spyder, or Spyder D), shared the 80’s musical spotlight with fellow Hollis natives Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Davy D, Hurricane, Orange Krush and Alyson Williams. Childhood schoolmate Russel Simmons later became his manager and mentor in 1983. As a young upstart with entrepreneaurial ambitions, Spyder formed Newtroit Records with college friend Tito Lewis with financial backing from his mother, Doris Garrett. That endeavor spawned the above mentioned classic “Big Apple Rappin'”, listed in “Ego Trip’s Book of Lists” as one of the all time 12″ rap singles. Other hits followed, including the twice Gold “Smerphie’s Dance”, co-produced by “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll” artist Vaughan Mason & Butch Deyo, which was based on the 808 beat created by Spyder in Vaughan Mason’s East Orange, NJ basement studio (this beat became the backing track for the Dr. Dre/Fifty Cent produced “How We Do” by The Game which earned Spyder a 1986 BMI writer/publisher award . Spyder produced several more classics for artists such as Infinity Machine’s DJ Divine, Sparky D, Roxanne Shante’, as well as a string of independent record label hits for Profile Records , Select Records, Spring Records and a joint label venture with Next Plateau (launching Fly Spy Records).”

Spyder D’s new single “Who You Follow? (My Twitter Baby)” is now available on iTunes through the revolutionary business model of WaTunes!

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Premier Dance Label PBR Recordings shares ‘Dance Spotlight’ on iTunes with ‘So Fly’!

Hey guys,

I am proud to say that one of our dance label customers PBR Recordings was able to score an iTunes feature in the ‘Dance’ section. PBR Recordings is home to dance artists and DJs including MC Flipside, Granite & Phunk, Defunct!, and more! If you are a DJ or dance lover, definitely pick up a copy of Granite & Phunk – So Fly – EP which is now featured and available on iTunes worldwide! 🙂

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Songwriter/Singer Verity on Wal-Mart MP3 + Dux Jones featured on iTunes!


Hey guys,

As you know from our previous post, we were finalizing our deal to deliver your music into the Wal-Mart MP3 store. I am proud to say that the deal is complete and we will begin delivery of your contents right now for Wal-Mart if you have already OPT-IN to the service. Here, one of our latest artist: Verity is now live on This shows that it is very possible for us to get your music made available into the hands of Wal-Mart fans everywhere.

In other news, Dux Jones graces iTunes with his 3rd feature spotlight with his stunning single “Catch Me Illin”. I recommend any of you hip-hop fans go grab this single and tune in to this work of art! 😛

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New Music Store Selection Feature + Free Service Going iTunes Only + New Wal-Mart Partnership!

Hey guys,

As you can probably already noticed during the weekend, we’ve added a new Music Store Selection feature which enables you to select your music store services for $1 per store/per album (with the exception of MediaNet being $5 and VidZone $10). Now as a free customer, you’ll be able to gain access to extra stores easily and gain more distribution without paying any annual fees. As always, you’ll be entitled to 100% of royalties from all music store services. Another bulletin is that starting today, the WaTunes free service will be only available on the iTunes Store. This means that moving forward, the iTunes Store will be the only store where we’ll deliver your content for free!

Another great announcement is that we’re finalizing our new Wal-Mart MP3 deal. This enables you to sell your music into the Wal-Mart store with great ease. As a VIP customer, this store addition will be added into your services entirely free. For free customers, you can OPT-IN to the new Wal-Mart store for just a buck! No annual fees, no track fees, nada!

Customers who are power hungry for iTunes will still be able to gain access into the iTunes Store entirely free while receiving 100% of the royalties. So what are you waiting for? Get into the new music store services today and take advantage of these new offerings. 🙂

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Amazon CD On-Demand Sample + New Updates Coming

Hey guys,

Amazing times ahead. Only several weeks away until the unveiling of WaTunes New Experience (I hope that you all will be well pleased and send us your feedback of any suggestions, new features, updates, etc.). I am proud to say that Monday, we’ll have a new Music Store system update and model infrastructure. This may make some of you happy, some of you not. However, in the long run we want to make sure that everyone benefits from the REAL treats that is to come within the coming months.

Today was a very great day as I was able to receive a copy of a On-Demand CD from Amazon from WaTunes artists ‘The Silver Movement’ with his debut album ‘The Voice Within’ (which I recently blogged about to display our ability to enable you to Pre-Order your CDs on iTunes). Below are great snapshots of what your On-Demand physical CD could look like based on your Artwork templates that we receive and other great information.

CD Cover (Front)

CD Cover (Back)

CD Disc

CD Booklet

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Apple Launches New iTunes Store in Mexico + New iTunes Pricing for WaTunes!

Hey guys,

This just in that Apple has launched the iTunes Store in Mexico and better believe that WaTunes is already jumping into this band wagon. With this new development, we’ll be able to deliver your music contents into the iTunes Mexico store where millions of consumers in Mexico and download and listen to your music instantly. Over the course of the next few weeks expect to see your music beginning to populate the iTunes Mexico store.

Another news bulletin is that WaTunes is now setup for the new iTunes Pricing (yay!). This means that we’ll be able to leverage your content to be sold for $0.49 per song to up to even $1.29 per song. If you are interested to jack up or decrease your pricing per song or album please contact our Content Team, tell them which album you want to change in price (make sure you provide your UPC) and they handle it from there. Upon the launch of WaTunes New Experience we may be able to integrate this new feature into the system where you’ll be able to tell us the pricing on the fly.

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Amazon Deal + Who says that Pre-Orders are not possible?

Hey gang,

Wow what a rushing weekend. Announcing our Amazon deal has made quite a stir for the past couple of days and it is still making waves around the web. The ability to now be able to digitize your digital albums into real-life, professionally wrapped, physical CDs at little to no cost is another game-changing step from WaTunes.

Today, I’d like to share with you more additional add-ons for the iTunes Store. Ever wanted to input a digital booklet into your product? How about a Pre-Order of your upcoming new album? Well nothing to worry about, WaTunes is now able to offer Pre-Orders and Digital Booklet implementation into your albums. To learn more about how you can setup your albums with a digital booklet or schedule a Pre-Order, simply contact our Content Team. You can check out an example by The Silver Movement with his upcoming debut album “The Voice Within” schedule to be released in November 23rd, 2009. The album will have an exclusive release available on Amazon On-Demand & AmazonMP3.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the new Amazon services and new iTunes add-ons today!

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