Only Days Away! Prepare for What’s Coming!

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Hey guys,

Only 2 days away until WaTunes New Experience is live. I know you guys are eagerly waiting to see what you can do. So let me give you guys some brief points of what you can expect from the new social platform:

Artist & Labels

New Dashboard: Being able to navigate through WaTunes New Experience has become more easier than ever. With your new dashboard, you’ll be able to instantly get started creating your very own profile, upload albums, and view sales analytics.

Multi-Album Submissions: Previously, you only were able to upload 1 album through our metadata system. Now, with WaTunes New Experience, you have the power to submit up to 20 albums at the same time!

Sales Reports & Analytics: As you guys know, sales reports for July has been delayed in order for us to work on the new sales report system. I am very happy to say that all July sales data are available to view on your new sales report system. If you haven’t received any sales data, please do not be alarm as the most common scenario is that you may have no received any sales for the July period.

We’re also adding a new “Add-Ons” menu which enables you to check out the following features:

VIP In Full Swing: If you are a V.I.P customer, your account will be fully reflected and ready to go. For customers who are not VIP members you can subscribe to the V.I.P service for just $29.95 per year and sell unlimited music & ringtones.

Introducing NOISE: We’re introducing the new NOISE distribution service. For just $59.95 per album, you’ll be able to gain access to all music store services + get up to 250 plays via Jango Airplay!

WaTV Net: Submit your music videos to WaTV and gain exposure. Submit unlimited music videos for just $24.95 per month.

Music Video Distribution: After beta testing Music Videos, we’ve finally launched the new Music Video distribution service. This service is fee based for both VIP and Free customers! For more information on the Video service rates, you’ll be able to check out our plans upon the launch.

So what if you’re not a music artist? What should you expect?

Brand New Profiles: Get your very own unique profile. Upload your main photo, share websites, embed widgets, and more!

WaTunes Mobile Store: Download over 600,000+ ringtones from your favorite artists.

WaTV: Watch your favorite music videos, news, technology trends, and more via WaTV and chat with other viewers at the same time!

This is an exciting moment for us and I hope that you guys will invite everyone you know to sign up at WaTunes New Experience and experience a whole new way to interact with each other.

WaTunes New Experience – Time To Get Excited!!!

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Final Week Teaser: New Sales Dashboard + 6 Days Left, Time to Get Excited! Welcome to WaTunes New Experience!

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