[WaTunes] – WaTunes Opens Up 2010 With Streamline

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Hey guys,

WaTunes will launch tomorrow on New Years and better than ever! We've been working very hard to come up with ways to make your experience better. We've receive lots of feedback of content delivery issues that made us came up with a new solution. Today, we are very excited and proud to introduce you to our new Content Delivery technology: Streamline. Streamline has been embedded into the Content Management System, making it easy for you to setup, upload, and deliver your music to our digital services. Below are questions and answers of the differences between the old and Streamline system:

Q: What is the difference between the old system & Streamline?

A: A huge difference is the new setup process to send your contents. Streamline is setup in 3 easy steps:

  • Create your UPC code and disc number (default to 01)
  • Input Album Information
  • Upload Music using our new Java Applet

Another difference is that the old system enable users to upload MP3s. Streamline requires that all users upload their contents in WAV (CD Audio) format. Album Covers must also be 600x600px JPG.

Q: How quick is the process from getting my music delivered to stores like iTunes?

A: Previously, we've had issues regarding content delivery with our old system. Some process took days, others took weeks and maybe months! Yikes! With Streamline, all contents are delivered to iTunes and other services within 3-6 hours prior to your album being fully submitted successfully using Streamline.

Q: What if my albums are currently "In Review"?

A: If you have a release that is 'In Review', we ask that you contact us so that we may remove the content from our system and enable you to re-upload your music using Streamline. Once your content is delivered using Streamline, it'll be delivered to iTunes and other services with great transparency.

Q: How does the Java Applet work?

A: Firstly, you must have Java installed on your computer. Please visit www.java.com for the latest update on Java. Once installed, you'll be able to use our Java Applet which enables you to upload the required files (Audio Files: WAVs, Album Cover: JPG) to send to the stores. You can upload multiple files at once with the Java Applet and because it is so secure, there is never any lag or hang when uploading your contents. Once your contents has been uploaded successfully a pop-up will open. We ask that you do not close the pop up as it completes the file transfer. Once the pop-up has been closed automatically, you are free to close the Java Applet and your album has been fully uploaded and delivered to us successfully! Please make sure that you refresh your "My Albums" page to see your album status updated.

Q: What does the new album status mean?

A: With Streamline, we were able to add new album status to reflect your deliveries:

  • In Review – Album Information has been submitted but you have to finish the FINAL STEP (Uploading Your Music) using our Java Applet.
  • Transferred – Album has been successfully uploaded and submitted to WaTunes
  • Delivered – Album has been successfully delivered to the digital services.

Please understand that you must complete the entire 3 step process to successfully upload your music to us. Streamline isn't setup to review certain steps.

And there you have it! A new powerful solution to expedite your content deliveries. I hope that you guys will utilize this new system to move forward in sending your music to iTunes through WaTunes. As always, WaTunes offers the world's first and only free digital distribution into iTunes. So what are you waiting for? Deliver unlimited albums to iTunes using Streamline today!

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