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WaTunes: Dashboard Update, Marketplace Review System, And More!

Hey guys,

Its been almost a week since we've launched the WaTunes Marketplace. For those of you who hasn't been updated, the WaTunes Marketplace is a fresh new social music service powered by MediaNet. This new music store enables every WaTunes user to buy millions of songs from their favorite artists. For artists who used the WaTunes distribution service are able to OPT-IN to the WaTunes Marketplace through upgrading to VIP or utilizing the RUSH Pay-As-You-Go service. Today, we have updated you with a new dashboard update. From the first two screenshots, you'll be able to navigate through your account must faster and easier then before. Making the use of our site even more user-friendly. 

Secondly, I am proud to announce that we've added a brand new review/rating system into the WaTunes Marketplace. This creates a much more social feel to discovering new music and socializing with your favorite band. We've created this new system to tie in WaTunes social platform, enabling the artist to reach out to their fans faster and easier. 

An example?

OK, so I'm a Timbaland fan and I bought his album "Shock Value". As you can see from the screenshot you'll see his total rating and a place where you can review and write a comment ( Review: Read/Write). By clicking on that link, it'll take me to see his reviews from all his fans. In this case, I've reviewed the content myself. One of the great bits about this feature is that my name is linked to my WaTunes profile. This enables Timbaland to potentially reach out to my page and thank me for my support for his music. This is also a great way for other WaTunes users to meet and discuss similar interest of the album and/or similar interest in their taste in music. Now of course, we've made it to where people can review an album anonymously. This enables users to keep their WaTunes profile private.

And there you have it! Some stellar updates to get your feet wet. With March approaching, we are beginning to make some huge leaps as we lead the way in innovation. Please check back daily, discover new music, create your profile, meet new users, and enjoy a unique experience in WaTunes. Feedback is always welcome!

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WaTunes Marketplace Coverages is buzzing on Gen-Y Rock Stars!

The buzz is on as we launch the first ever complete social music platform. Enabling consumers and artists to socialize, share, and discover new music. Check out this great article about the WaTunes Marketplace at Gen-Y-Rock Stars.

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WaTunes Marketplace on Business Matters:

Check out this amazing brief release of the WaTunes Marketplace from Billboard

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WaTunes: How To Sell Your Music On iTunes

Check out this great video from Howcast. This gives a
great beginning view basic on how to get setup on getting your music
out there on iTunes and various sites.

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NEWS TIP/PRESS RELEASE: WaTunes Launches The WaTunes Marketplace

WaTunes Launches The WaTunes Marketplace


MediaNet Will Power The New Music Store Service


DETROIT – February 22nd, 2010 – ( WaTunes, the revolutionary social music service announced today a new music store service dubbed: The WaTunes Marketplace. WaTunes will offer its users millions of songs to discover, purchase, and share with their friends. In conjunction with WaTunes recent Streamline technology, users will be able to make easy buying decisions, while artists who use the WaTunes distribution service will be able to sell directly to their fans from WaTunes through its already established deal with MediaNet, the industry leading business-to-business provider of premium digital media content.

Kevin Rivers, CEO of WaTunes, commented:Our primary focus has always been to help consumers discover new music. Bridging the gap of interaction between the artist and the fan has been a cornerstone of our service. MediaNet is recognized as the leader that delivers premium content. We believe that their vision is synergetic with our vision. We are very excited to be able to offer a fresh new look into the industry with enriched premium and media content for every music enthusiast around the world.


WaTunes is also a social networking platform that enables music artists, labels, and fans to create their very own profile, sync their social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, post comments, and embed any widget from social sites like YouTube, Vevo, and Dijit. WaTunes social platform also enables fans and artists to make instant calls via Skype.


Alan McGlade, CEO of MediaNet spoke about the new partnership saying:

”MediaNet is proud to provide premium digital music content to the all new WaTunes Marketplace. The WaTunes service is an innovative offering that will attract music consumers and provide artists with a centralized forum to showcase their music. MediaNet’s goal is to reduce friction in the digital marketplace and the WaTunes Marketplace is a great example of this.”


The WaTunes social platform currently enables its users to buy ringtones. With over 700,000 ringtones from major artists including Taylor Swift, Drake, Toby Keith, Fall Out Boy, Kanye West and Jay-Z, WaTunes offers the latest cutting edge technology to discover new music.


About WaTunes

WaTunes is a social music service that enables fans to discover new music in a complete social environment. Users can purchase millions songs, ringtones, share information, make instant calls via Skype, embed any widget from any platform including YouTube, MySpace, VEVO, and Dijit.

WaTunes also provides a unique music experience for music artists and record labels. By offering the world's first free online music distribution model, artists are able to sell their music entirely free on the iTunes Store and the WaTunes Marketplace while retaining 100% of all sales generated.


About MediaNet

MediaNet provides premium digital media content to a network of customers through the MN Open platform. An API and easy to install Web Components deliver a set of powerful music and media content products including streams, downloads, music search, contextual matching, and other media discovery tools to engage end users while keeping them on your website or application longer to maximize revenues. MediaNet powers music and media delivery for brands of all sizes including Tesco, iLike, MOG, Fox News, Ultimate Guitar, and many more.


MediaNet,, is privately held and is headquartered in New York with offices in Seattle and London.


Contact for more information:

Kevin Rivers

Telephone: +1.404.461.9342 

See and download the full gallery on posterous

Download now or preview on posterous

PRESS RELEASE_022010_FINAL (3) (1).doc (36 KB)

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WaTunes: Jamendo Shifts Gears Under New Ownership

Source: Hypebot

image from upload.wikimedia.orgJamendo, which made available tens of thousands of free tracks licensed through one of several Creative Commons licenses or the Free Art License is changing course under new ownership.

"After months of uncertain search for a new investor, the company has finally been purchased by one of its clients." company founder Patrick Haour told Hypebot. "The .com website will keep on existing, but the main focus from now on is on background music licensing".  This paid portion of Jamendo has previously been known as

"Only a very small team has been maintained to keep things running," said the talented Haour, who will be leaving the company on March 1st and already contemplating his options.

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WaTunes: Spotify Experiences Major Outage

Source: Hypebot

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Sometime before Noon EST on Saturday Spotify experienced a major outage.  Both the site and the streaming service were down for several hours.

"Looks like we might be having some connection issues. Our team is looking into it right now," said the first tweet around 11AM.  Later it was determined that the problems were mostly in the London site. Two houts later: "To update – we've found the problem and are working on a fix. The minute I know when it will be solved I'll update".

Playlists still a problem.

By mid-afternoon on Saturday the service was slowly becoming functional, but many users could not access playlists. "If you don't see your playlists don't panic, it's temporar,y said a late afternoon message on Spotify's Get Satisfactioncommunity site.

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WaTunes: Video: Mastering The Art Of Social Networking

Source: Hypebot

Business magazine Fast Company takes a look at social networking
overload. It attacks the problem and solutions from an individual or
general business point of view, but most of the lessons learned are
also applicable to musicians and all music industry professionals.

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WaTunes Marketplace Gets Featured On Musformation

Hey guys,

Check out a great article about the WaTunes Marketplace by Musformation


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WaTunes Goes Live With New Marketplace

Hey guys,

Exciting news. Today, we launch the brand new WaTunes Marketplace. As an artist, you now have the ability to sell your music to your fans directly from WaTunes. If you're a music lover, you can discover millions of songs from your favorite artists, share them with friends and much more. With this new offering, WaTunes has positioned itself to offer both streams & downloads in its entirety!

So how can you stream music (How can my fans stream my music)?

With WaTunes next generation social platform, we enable every user to be able to embed their favorite music & video players. This includes MySpace, YouTube, VEVO, ReverbNation, Dijit, and more! Through our preferred MySpace players, users will be able to stream full tracks directly from your profile.

So how can you buy music (How can my fans buy my music)?

Now with the WaTunes Marketplace, you can discover all your favorite titles with just one click! For artists, you can link your WaTunes profile to your Marketplace artist page to direct your fans to easily buy your music without ever leaving the site! In this example, you can see my WaTunes profile completely decked out with instant access to my music! 

What else is new?

As you can see the site is completely remapped to focus on the new Marketplace. All links has been directed to point to the latest hits and titles in our new music store. We've also created a brand new Forums. Feel free to register your forums account, start up some trending topics, and get a discussion going. All of the WaTunes staff will be active on the forums as we get some activity flowing. 

Other than that I hope that you guys enjoy the WaTunes Marketplace and have some fun exploring some new content. As always, feel free to hit us up with any ideas, comments, or suggestions you think could make your experience with WaTunes better and better!

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