WaTunes Shows New Music Store With Jay-Z

February 17, 2010 at 7:09 pm Leave a comment

Hey everyone,

Kevin here. As you all know, this coming Friday, we will be launching some brand new site updates. Most of which will include the WaTunes Marketplace, a music store that enables you to discover, buy, and download millions of songs from your favorite artists. Now if you're an artist that uses WaTunes for distribution, you're probably excited to see the WaTunes Marketplace. Well today, I am proud to be able to reveal to you some screenshots of whats coming. Through this new offering, WaTunes has positioned itself at the forefront of digital cutting edge technology. Creating ways for people to discover new music has now been make simple.

If you're a musician, you now have a base in which you can direct your fans to buy your music. If you're a music lover like myself, you'll also know that through WaTunes next generation social platform, not only will you be able to buy your favorite titles, but you can also listen to full tracks of your artist's hottest titles via their embedded music players (e.g. MySpace or ReverbNation).

So what are some ways to take full advantage of WaTunes and the our new music discovery platform?

Well if you're a music lover, you can discover new music in exciting ways. You can either click on the "Marketplace" button and search for your favorite songs or search for your favorite artist profile which can be linked with their Marketplace albums. In this case, I'm a Jay-Z fan. Therefore, I want to check out his WaTunes profile and see what's new with his music.

In the first screenshot, you'll see that I'm on his WaTunes profile which has his embedded MySpace player. Already, I can get more information about Jay-Z by following him on Twitter, check out his MySpace page, add him on Facebook, and even check out his official website. With his player added, I can stream freely his hottest titles in its entirety with no flashy distractions using WaTunes unique simple site interface. 

So I like some of his songs. But, what if I want to buy his music?

With WaTunes social platform and the WaTunes Marketplace, we've made this transition very simple. By clicking on the "Marketplace" button on Jay-Z WaTunes profile, I am then taken to a page where I can view all his available titles on the WaTunes Marketplace. From there, I can select which title I want to buy (in this case "The Black Album") which will take me to the album page. Once I am on the album page, I will be able to listen to samples of the songs, buy individual songs, or buy the entire album, all within WaTunes. Once I'm ready to make my purchase, I simply click on the "Checkout" button and complete my order.

That's it! Its that simple. In WaTunes we've truly created a unique way to discover music. Whether you are an artist or fan, theres plenty of music to discover. So what are you waiting for? Get into WaTunes today and start discovering new music! Join the revolution!

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