WaTunes: Talks With Film Execs Point To iTunes In The Cloud

March 4, 2010 at 3:08 pm Leave a comment

Source: Hypebot

image from weblogs.baltimoresun.comLast month there were rumors that Apple was in talks with labels about storing iTunes purchased music in the cloud.  It's a logical extension of Apple's Lala.com purchase and their cloud platform. Then the chatter died down.

Now comes word that Apple has been meeting with film and tv execs asking to allow  iTunes users to store purchased content on the company's servers. Sources say the iPad is at the center of these talks, and if true Jobs may have provided the "must have" reason the iPad is missing.

Is $5 iTunes Streaming Next?

As iTunes inches closer to the cloud, is a Spotify or MOG-like service part of the plan? Not necessarily. To have impact, Apple music streaming would need to be be available on more than just the iPad. More importantly, low cost streaming could inhibit sales on ITunes, and Apple has  almost always followed a path that encourages purchases within its own ecosystem.

It's All About Control

Much more likely is that Apple wants to make in the cloud storage of music and films purchased on iTunes also available in the cloud – Apple's cloud. Then whatever options consumers favor  next – purchase, rental or some yet to be imagined hybrid – Apple will be ready and in control.

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