Our Response To Phasing Out Digital Distribution

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Hey guys,

As you all know, today we've issued a press to inform that by June 1st, 2010, we will no longer offer digital distribution to independent artist and record labels. We've had a great run, offering the world's first truly free distribution service, more stores, all for less prices. However, due to our high cost in maintaining these services and with little conversion rate, it was a unanimous decision that we withdraw from the distribution race. We've decided that we would be more effective in this space should we focus more on our social platform and the WaTunes Marketplace. Starting today, users are no longer able to upload or view any albums, upgrade to VIP, Pay-As-You-Go, and Music Video distribution. We have enabled the "Trend" icon for you to view your available trending data for projectional purposes.

This decision was a very difficult and heartfelt decision as we've worked extremely hard to provide a honest, secure, free, and simple way to sell your music. Starting on April 1st, 2010, we will begin to pull down all of your contents from all our digital music store services. During the period of April 1st – June 1st, we have establish smooth procedures to see that you're content is pulled down and released with another digital distributor. In regards to royalties, we have also establish a safeguard system to ensure that everyone will receive all royalties generated for every month concurrent by June 1st, 2010. 

Below are some of the basic questions you may most likely ask us and we'll ensure that we've answered them the best way possible:

Q: Why the change? Why get rid of digital distribution?

We believe that it is the best interest to dissolve our digital distribution services in order for us to put more emphasis and focus into our social platform and the WaTunes Marketplace. Due to high cost, it was evident that we could no longer provide the service.

Q: You guys are getting rid of distribution. How can I collect my royalties for the stores? What's going to happen?

We request that every account remain active during the transition period. This will ensure that your royalties are reported and issued to you. We will pull down your contents from all the digital store services. Once June 1st has taken affect, you can request us to close your account or we can downgrade your account to enable you to still participate in WaTunes activities and functions. PLEASE make sure that you've updated your profile with the following required fields immediately:

Artists (Artist Name/Name of Label Owner)

Label (Label Name – This must be the label that you've used to upload your music)

PayPal E-mail (Please make sure the correct PayPal E-mail address is entered to ensure your royalties are issued swiftly)

Q: You guys have helped me out so much. I'd still like to sell my music on the WaTunes Marketplace. How can I make this possible?

WaTunes is powered by MediaNet. We recommend that you go through a digital distributor who handles content delivery to MediaNet to ensure that your album contents becomes available on the WaTunes Marketplace. Click here to see the list of distributors that service content to MediaNet.

Q: Do I have to fully close my WaTunes Account?

No. Fortunately, you can still keep and maintain your WaTunes account for other purposes including promoting your profile, selling your music on the WaTunes Marketplace, and try out other unique services we will roll out in the future. If you do decide that you want us to fully close down your account (and also remove your profile), simply contact us around June 1st, 2010 and we'll see that we can fully remove your account.

Q: So how does the new Transition Period work?

Starting today, we're giving everyone the opportunity to find a new home to sell music on iTunes and other various services. On April 1st, we will begin to takedown all contents from our digital services and will begin to issue royalties from all previous and concurrent months to ensure that your transition with us is smooth, quick, and easy. By June 1st, your albums should be fully removed, royalties issued, and you should already have a new distributor to call home.

Q: Will you guys offer any artist services?

We will continue to offer ringtones, licensing, and cover song licensing services for everyone. We will also be providing you the ability to get airplay through Jango.

Q: Are you guys going out of business?

No. WaTunes is not going out of business or going anywhere, anytime soon. We're merely exiting this sector and focus more on our consumer services like the WaTunes Marketplace.

Q: Are there any services you guys will keep?

Yes. WaTunes will still offer its Mobile App service (sell unlimited iPhone Apps) and ringtones (via Thumbplay). 

Q: What if I have an iPhone App with WaTunes? Will that be affected with this transition?

No. We will retain the mobile app services, enabling you to sell unlimited mobile apps into iTunes. Any mobile apps you have delivered to us will not be affected.

Q: What are some other distributors where I can sell my music?

Click here to see a list of distributors that service content to MediaNet. These distributors can also place your music into WaTunes.

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns regarding our exit from digital distribution and press information, please feel free to contact us.

Posted via email from WaTunes


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