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WaTunes: MTV Makes Ad Sales Deal With WMG

Is advertising – even on their own web sites – good for artists? 

WMG's head of recorded music Lyor Cohen thinks so, “At WMG our highest priority is to keep the artists at the center of everything we do, and this alliance enables us to offer our artists the marketing and sales firepower of the world’s most widely-recognized and highly-trafficked music destinations to help them drive revenue from their video content, on the artist’s own site, as well as through the many other places that fans access their music.”  He continues: “MTV Music Group has a history of creating compelling music content on TV, digitally and, most recently, in music games and their ability to leverage all of these platforms offers our artists a broader reach and a more compelling way for us to further connect them with music fans.”

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WaTunes: Facebook Fight! Gaga vs Obama!

Source: The Daily Swarm

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WaTunes: Sonicbids Adds Execs From & Yahoo

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WaTunes: Playboy Sues Drake Over Hit Single!

Source: Fact Magazine

WaTunes: How To Submit Indie Music For The Grammys

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WaTunes: Microsoft’s Bing Music Search: Coming Soon

Source: Hypebot

Microsoft has been touting upgraded music and entertainment features for its Bing search engine over the last few days.  But at least when it comes to streaming music, Bing's music offering is "coming soon".

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WaTunes: iPhone 4 Sells 1.7 Million In 3 Days

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WaTunes: 10 Years Later, Closes

Source: Hypebot

After more than ten years of operation, the online music has announced that on July 15th they are shutting down.  Users can register for an account on the social music discovery site iLike to have their page contents and song files automatically transferred over.  Anyone who has purchased music on the site and believes they deserve a refund can contact the company to request one, but it must be done before July 31st.

Here's the letter sent to subscribers:

Dear [user],

It’s been over ten years since we started helping discover independent music on the ol’ interwebs. Things have changed a lot since then. Most of those changes have been good and some of them have been bad. Some changes are just bitter-sweet.

It’s with this bitter-sweetness that we are announcing today that will be discontinued as of July 15th, 2010.

The landscape of how music is discovered and delivered has changed drastically over the last decade and we are proud to have been a huge part of that change — first with and then with and beyond. Sadly, that landscape will not include anymore.

Link your account to iLike: (action required)

If you want to continue to make your music available for streaming or download on and the iLike application on Facebook, please go to and login with your Garageband username and password by July 15th, 2010. This will automatically link your account to iLike so we can port your music, profile photo, and biography to

Finally, if you have recently made a purchase on and would like a refund, please email to request a refund. Valid refund requests must be received no later than July 31st, 2010.


The Garageband and iLike team

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WaTunes: Labels Tell Google: Stop Linking To Pirate Bay

Source: Hypebot

The IFPI, international trade organization of the major record labels, has told Google to "remove search results that link toinfringing content made available through the Pirate Bay." Rather than asking Google to remove specific files from itssearch index, the IFPI is, for the first time.  demanding that entire sites be de-listed from the engine. In response, Mike Masnick of TechDirt asserts:

“Part of the

 DMCA safe harbors is that you need to remove content if you have ‘specific knowledge’ of the content.  This is at the center of the Google-Viacom lawsuit. Google claims it needs to know the specific files that are infringing,while Viacom claims that once Google knows that ‘content x on YouTube’ is infringing, it should be required to find andblock all such content x’s, even if Viacom has not informed Google where they are.”

enigmax @ TorrentFreak adds:

"It remains to be seen how Google responds to this request but since attempts to take down The Pirate Bay have been an almost complete failure, removing it from the [Googlecould be the next best step."

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WaTunes: RealNetworks Cuts 85, 25% Of Executive Staff

Source: Hypebot

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Even after the recent spin-off of Rhapsody, RealNetworks continues to struggle. Today the company announced another round of layoffs that include 85 jobs or 6% of the total workforce. The cuts include 25% of its executives and will shrink offices in Europe, Asia and its Seattle headquarters. Real also consolidated its Technology Products and Solutions and Media Software and Services business units.

"This reorganization marks a significant milestone in our transformation of RealNetworks," according to Bob Kimball, president and acting CEO who replaced longtime head Rob Glaser just months ago."Restructuring RealNetworks into functional groups creates a far more efficient organization focused on developing great products that can be delivered through any of our distribution partners."

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