WaTunes: Can MySpace Music Survive The MySpace Decline?

June 1, 2010 at 2:07 pm Leave a comment

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image from theradreport.com
image from i277.photobucket.com"MySpace Music profiles remain the simplest, fastest way to check out a new band", argues Ray Padget on Mashable. That's a matter of opinion, but there's no denying that MySpace is still a powerful player in the music space. So the big question may really be, can MySpace Music survive the wider MySpace decline?

"Not unless it figures out a better way to keep visitors at the site," according to Padaget. "A non-user’s typical visit might begin and end at one artist’s page. When you’re done with the band, you’re done with the site."

The solution: "MySpace needs to guide users to similar artists, perhaps artists recommended by the band itself. There are too many obscure artists for a computerized system like Pandora to be effective, but personal tips from a favorite band, linked to the respective artist pages, might add an idiosyncratic twist."

"The page structure is there; MySpace Music just needs to connect the dots."  Unfortunately for MySpace Music, there are a whole lot of dots to connect.

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