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WaTunes: 269 Pensioners Could Bring EMI To Its Knees

Source: Hypebot

image from Piled on top of all of the money that EMI owes to investors and CitiGroup are the needs of 269 former employees owed pensions by the company. The shortfall in EMI's fund is estimated to between £115m (178 million US) and £217m ($336 million US). In its recent annual report, EMI admitted that the deficit was one if the major factors that cast "fundamental uncertainty" over the company's future.

Only 269 members are served by the fund which was closed to new joiners in November 2005. But the pension dispute could be "the straw that breaks the camel's back," independent pension consultant John Ralfe told the BBC. "The outcome of the [pension regulator's] determination could conceivably push the company into administration."

The deficit in the EMI pension fund began in 2007 and was referred to Pensions Regulator then. Recent EMI financial troubles could reportedly force the government to finally take action.

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WaTunes: CD Baby Speaks On iTunes Delivery Times

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WaTunes: Jimmy Fallon Talks 2010 Emmy Awards

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WaTunes: How Grooveshark Leverage Their Audience To Help Music Artists

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WaTunes iPhone App Distribution Services Moved to Venzo Music (VMG)

Hey everyone,

I am pleased to announced that the WaTunes iPhone App distribution service has been moved to our iTunes-Direct service: Venzo Music (VMG). With this new development, we'll be able to offer anyone the ability to create their own apps at no upfront cost. Whether you're an artist, label, marketing, or technology business, you'll be able to now create any kind of app you want. From there, we'll be able to deliver your app to major platforms including the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Palm.

So how does this work?

While the iTunes-Direct is an exclusive service, we're offering the iPhone App service as a non-exclusive service to anyone interested. This means that whether you're using your current distributor for iTunes, you can use Venzo Music for iPhone App distribution. To get started, simply visit Venzo Music ( ) and contact us about becoming an App Partner. We'll setup your Venzo Music account and will send you an App Packet. Simply fill in the App Packet and provide us with as much information you want to see on your app. Once sent to us, we'll deliver it to iTunes (which takes 2-4 weeks) for them to approve it. Finally, should your app become approved, it will be made available on the iTunes Store.

How does the royalties work?

We give our App customers 80% of all sales generated from each platform after iTunes fees and mobile fees are deducted. Sales are then issued and paid via PayPal.

Why should I get my own iPhone App?

As an artist, label, or business, getting your own iPhone App is crucial! By having your own iPhone App, you'll be in the latest technology fashion and be able to provide a whole new experience for your customers. Fans will be able to engage in interactive videos, share photos, check your tweets, view your website, and much more all within the comfort of their iPhone/iPod Touch device. Mobile is the new market, and now is the time to basket in this grand opportunity.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Venzo Music and become an App customer today!

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WaTunes: Snoop Is Top Dogg Of Virtual Goods Selling $200K+


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