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Is WaTunes The iTunes of Facebook?

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Detroit-based digital music company WaTunes, once redefined music distribution for independent musicians and labels, by offering music distribution entirely free. Most distributors require an upfront fee, and also a percentage from the artist's sales generated, but WaTunes offered their services with no upfront fees (unless you utilized the VIP package) and gave the artist's 100% of their royalties.

Since April of 2010, WaTunes phased out the distribution service entirely, and focused on their Music Store application on Facebook ironically titled The Music Store.

Powered by MediaNet, users can discover and download millions of songs from The Music Store in .MP3 format much like Amazon MP3. Unlike iTunes, you have to download the particular content in .WAV, and is usually only compatible with Apple only devices, or devices the supports that type of format.

Unfortunately, WaTunes does not store user information, but utilizes an encryption service for security purposes. You will be required to input personal information, and your credit card numbers every time you go to make a purchase.

Although, most companies out there like Apple's iTunes, Google, Mozy, and The Rackspace Cloud, all offer cloud computing. WaTunes does not as of yet. Still WaTunes has a lot to offer as far as convenience, and simplicity. What's also convenient about the app, is that it's all within the Facebook walls, so you shouldn't ever have to worry about navigating between windows or tabs.This enables you to chat with your friends without interruption while searching for your favorite songs or albums.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that if you like a particular song, you can share it among your friends by clicking the Share/Like button on the album or song page. From there you are given the option to not only share it on Facebook, but to over 50 different social networking sites all at once!

Finally, if you're an artist yourself, WaTunes allows you to post your album link to their wall. With that, WaTunes chooses to submit your album among various others, and places you into their Staff Picks section of the marketplace. What's cool about that? Well having your album placed into the staff picks section along with major artist's is already cool enough. but It'll also provide you a marketing strategy that'll help gain more exposure, and ultimately increase brand awareness/fan base.

WaTunes is already being considered "The iTunes of Facebook" thus far, and as they keep implementing fresher, innovative ideas. WaTunes will be soon be among the high-ranks along with other juggernauts in this competitive market. Currently, their app has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. If you're interested in checking out The Music Store app. Head on over to their app page at:

The Marketplace
Album page

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