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WaTunes Launch New Premium Mobile Streaming Service On iPhone!


WaTunes, the new mobile streaming service launch its premium version of its new  "WaTunes 5" iPhone app. With WaTunes PRO, users are able to listen to up to 60 different genres, surf the web, and more for just $1.99. WaTunes is becoming a competitive app in hopes to compete against services like Pandora, SoundHound, and Shazam! WaTunes was previously a Facebook Music Store, enabling users to download over 10 million songs from Universal, EMI, Sony, and Warner. Today WaTunes plan is to later implement its music store service into its streaming iPhone app service, enabling users to download music on the go while streaming to their favorite genres of music.

So how does WaTunes 5 work?
Simple. Users are able to just select the genre of music they like and they are tuned in. Listening to music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Its that easy! So what can WaTunes do that others can't? How about surfing the web while you listen to your music?! Users are able to surf their favorite websites and listen to music at the same time. This gives users complete inertia of their music experience through WaTunes.

What platform is WaTunes 5 is available?

WaTunes 5 is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. To get started, click on the App Store button below and get WaTunes 5 PRO today and stream unlimitedly!

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WaTunes Is Back With New Streaming Music Service!


WaTunes, the Facebook Music Store has been rebranded today as the new mobile radio streaming service with the launch of WaTunes 5. WaTunes 5 is a mobile app developed on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that enables users to stream unlimited music 24/7! You can download the app by clicking HERE!

So how does it work?

As a user you can download your FREE copy of the app and begin listening to your favorite genre of music. Simply select what genre you want, select your favorite style, and off you go! It's that easy! But it doesn't stops there, the app also enables the user to surf the web while they are tuning to their favorite genre of music, download their favorite songs on iTunes, get the latest news on the service, and much more!

So what does the FREE version comes with?

As a free user of the service, you gain access to four genres including: Electronic/Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, and Reggae. You'll also be able to download songs from iTunes, surf the web, view the latest news & tweets, and more!

When will the Premium version comes out?

The premium version will be released on December 13th with more genres, more selections, and more features. All priced at $1.99.

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