Prime Mac OS X Is Here! + INTRANET 2 Coming Soon…

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Hey guys,

It's been almost a year since we've launched INTRANET Prime on the PC. Through out the year, we've receive extremely positive feedback on our delivery software. We've created breakthrough technologies that enabled our labels to easily manage, deliver, and seize control of their catalog. Today, it is with great pleasure to finally announce our launch into the Mac OS X. As of today, users using a Mac computer will be able to use INTRANET Prime to upload their music and ringtones to iTunes.

So what is INTRANET Prime exactly?

INTRANET Prime is the content delivery component of the INTRANET technology created by us (Venzo Digital/Xeinge Group). Through Prime, labels are able to upload their music, ringtones, and music videos to any digital provider where we are in current direct partnerships! It is a state-of-the-art delivery software that enables users to submit their content in any form directly to the digital store.

Example: Typically, distributors require their customers to provide them with limited audio formats (whether its just WAVs, or just MP3s) and album format (600×600 JPG or 1400×1400 JPG). Through Prime, users are able to choose either MP3s or WAVs and they are able to upload their album cover in ANY size. It is truly a remarkable technology.

Prime can also pre-cut ringtones, bypassing the old fashion iTunes conversion or using an audio cutting software. Lastly, with a huge breakthrough technology, Prime enables labels to send thousands of albums and songs to one store with only one click of a button. No distributor in the world can create such powerful and precise methods of delivery than Prime.

Currently, Prime (Mac) is only available for distributing content to iTunes. Though we will be updating Prime for the Mac OS X to implement current and new store offerings for Mac users.

What about UPCs/ISRCs?

Prime automatically generates a free UPC and ISRCs for your title. So you don't have to worry about creating your own UPCs/ISRCs.

For more information on INTRANET Prime Mac, click on this link button.

The Next Generation In Distribution Technology Is Coming…

In other news, we are underway to implement our second generation of our state-of-the-art technology with INTRANET 2.0. INTRANET 2 is a brand new vivid system that provides the most accurate data with greater simplicity. Most importantly, INTRANET 2 is the first ever "live" system. This means that INTRANET 2 automatically updates virtually every aspect of your catalog (from sales & trend reports from iTunes to financial reports for Spotify, eMusic, and Amazon + takedown requests). When you use INTRANET 2 for the first time, you'll have the world's most powerful technology powering your music catalog.

We have shown a sneak preview to a select few of our Label Partners and the response has been nothing but staggering. Below are what our labels had to say about INTRANET 2:

"it looks modern and fancy! :)"

"That looks just awesome. That's a wonder"

"wow super cool"


"Wow its cool. I love it"

INTRANET 2 will provide a completely and awesome way to manage your catalog and sales data. Combined with INTRANET Prime, INTRANET will be a fully live technology that handles all the hard work for you.


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