Mega Launches Tomorrow. What Can We Expect From Kim Dotcom?

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Given that Kim Dotcom has teased a number of details about Mega, an encrypted file storage and transfer service that Dotcom says will introduce innovative new ideas to the Web, we probably know more about the service than the event that will launch it. The launch event will take place at Dotcom's mansion in New Zealand and it is quite likely to be an over the top affair that I'm guessing will not only introduce the service but address Dotcom's take on the U.S. action with references to Aaron Swartz in the context of musical entertainment, refreshments and busty women.

On January 19, 2012 (1/20 in New Zealand) Kim Dotcom was arrested and Megaupload's assets were seized. Tomorrow's unveiling of the new Mega takes place on the anniversary of that action.

Many may have thought that the case against Dotcom and Megaupload would take him out of the game. Yet what initially appeared to be a fatal blow has been gradually devolving into a comedy of errors with U.S. attempts at extradition being blocked as New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) turned out to not only have conducted an illegal search but to have spyed on him illegally.

In addition, the NZ government in spending a great deal of money on a case that has become one of the most expensive in their history. Possibly worse for New Zealand, in late December the GCSB admitted that this case had "overshadowed much of its work" in 2012. Given that they are NZ's international spy agency, the combination of high cost and embarassing revelations of illegality and incompetence are leading some to speculate that New Zealand may ultimately drop the case though it is unclear what that will mean for his extradition hearing in August.

Kim Dotcom Announces Free Ice Cream With Tickets at the Bottom of 10 Cups for the Launch of Mega at His Mansion

While that doesn't leave Kim Dotcom in the clear, it has cleared the way for this highly dramatic entrepreneur to move ahead with the launch of Mega and he's been applying his show biz marketing skills on Twitter, on Instagram and at an NZ ice cream shop where he addressed the crowd.

When asked by someone if there would be more than free ice cream at the Mega launch, he stated:

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