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What Stores Do You Want? Let Us Hear From You!

Hey guys,

It’s been an amazing time this year. Since March, we’ve made history by becoming the world’s first freemium online music distribution service. Giving you the power to sell your music to iTunes, eMusic, and ShockHound entirely free while you control your rights, masters, and 100% of your royalties has become a compelling model that taken route to new opportunities for you.

One of the best things about WaTunes is that it is based on ideas by you, the artist! It’s you that has given us the ability to provide new opportunities and features to best cater to your needs. Giving more music store options, more market opportunities, and more! Your ideas, your feedback, your suggestions, your reviews, is what helps WaTunes become a powerhouse in the digital music landscape. So I have to ask all of you two questions:

Q: What music store services would you like your music to be made available?


Q: What are other ideas, suggestions, and feedback you believe would benefit you through WaTunes?

Please post your comments and thoughts here and let us know as we’d like to hear more from you. 🙂

July 12, 2009 at 3:31 pm 2 comments

Introducing WaTV (A Distributor’s First!)

Hey everyone,

Exciting times ahead! WaTunes Music Video distribution just went online as you guys know, giving you the power to upload your music videos to iTunes and even Playstation 3. In an effort to make WaTunes New Experience ready for prime-time, we’ll be conducting many alpha services that will give us leading indications on how we can easily express new features to you. One of these great services that we will launch with WaTunes New Experience is WaTV, a video network powered by Vimeo to offer you the ability to view unique channels and stream pretty cool video contents from WaTunes and our partners.

One of these unique channels is the ‘Share Your Story’ channel which gives artists, labels, or a music lover like you a voice of expression where you can share your story about your WaTunes Experience. We then, place your story into one of our episodes which enables viewers to see what you think personally and express your connection with them. Below is our first episode of ‘Share Your Story’ by Matt Kletter. You may have remember Matt Kletter as The Silver Movement (whom we’ve recently interviewed) regarding his experiences with WaTunes. We want to take this to the next level, by giving you a visual voice to express your WaTunes Experiences. If you are a customer interested in sharing your story about WaTunes, please e-mail us your videos and we’ll place them as apart of our episode pilots. Until then, please enjoy this great story by Matt Kletter ( The Silver Movement).

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New Feedback System Upgade

As you guys can probably tell from your new dashboard format and this new review widget. Thanks to our review partners at RateItAll, you are now able to send us your voice, your feedbacks, your ideas through your dashboard or here on our blog without leaving the site!

Like our services, want to suggest an idea? Then submit your feedback of what you think about our services and how you think we can better improve to help make your experience with us more positive and pleasant. We listen and love to hear more from you. We thank all of you so much for supporting our services and we look forward to continue to press on by providing the most personalized, yet the world’s cheapest online music distribution service!

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Tell Us What You Think!

Hey guys,

Since March, we’ve knew we were on to something big. As thousands of customers has taken the chance to gain entry into the iTunes Store using our revolutionary formula, I am very excited to be able to receive feedback and testimonials about our services through RateItAll. If you like our service so far, please send us your feedback on our RIA page (by clicking on the RateItAll icon on the right). We’ve love to hear from you and how we can best serve you as our customer.

Getting feedback (whether it is positive or constructive) let us hear your voice, your ideas, your opinions on how we can make WaTunes better. WaTunes thrives on listening to our customers and we’re always ready to hear what you have to say. Once again, on the behalf of our team, we’d like to thank you for your business and we look forward to continue to work with you to better make your music career successful and creating a rich environment to satisfy your music needs. 😀

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New upgrade to Customer Feedback

Hi guys,

As always we’re here to help you by providing the greatest services out there. We’ve updated our feedback system and will provide users to submit reviews and feedback about our site and services. If you like our services, feel free to send us your review and feedback and what you think we can do to better improve on your music experience. You can do this by logging into your WaTunes account and click on ‘Send Us Feedback’ which will take you to our quick survey page. Please fill out this quick survey to enable us to better provide you with great services in the future.

Another upgrade is a simple integration with (RIA). With this integration, you can even rate different staff members and their performances by logging out of your account, click on the ‘About’ page, and click on ‘Rate This Staff’. An example is if I were to provide you with customer service and you like me so much because I’m such as swell guy :), you can review my performance to you which will be added to our RIA page.

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