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Making an Impact is Making a Difference

Hey guys,

Your co-host and CEO of WaTunes here! I must say, I am so excited to see how this is really working out. It’s been 3 months since we’ve made the historical announcement to offer an online music distribution service entirely free, giving independent artists and record labels a real shot at getting their music available to iTunes without paying any upfront cost and most importantly without sacrificing any royalties from the artists.

Since then, we’ve made your voices heard through many media outlets, blogs, social sites, and more. We’ve underwent many test and we’re still working even hard to improve our model and focus. There is so much to get done and we’re still not ‘quite there’ yet. However, I will say that we are on the right direction by creating a strong product that sells itself and a strong team behind it that is very dedicated to provide you a customer service that can flare up excitement.

Every so often, we’ve reach many different companies who also share our vision of making a different in the music industry. In this case, we’ve came across, a site dedicated to offer musicians guidance on how they can self-promote themselves and be able to reach a wide-array of potential fans. I’d like to share an article that they’ve written about WaTunes and the digital music age as we’re rapidly undergoing into an ever changing industry. Through these tough times, there are also exciting moments. So, without further delay, please take a look at the article written by Simon Adams of

WaTunes helps independent artists ride the crest of the digital distribution wave

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