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Monthly Financial Reports To Be Delivered In A New Format

Hey guys,

Wow, what a great weekend. Enjoyed my birthday and sunday just kinda begin to pick up on e-mails and try to play catch up all over again. 😛

Today, I am in full swing of things and will be focusing and drawing a lot of my attention into WaTunes’ financial sector starting with the sales reports. We’ve been getting hit with many reasonable questions on how to view your sales and how to receive your payment. I am proud to say that starting with the sales of April (which is currently being deciphered), you will be receiving your monthly financial reports in a new Text (Tab Delimited) format. Starting on July 1st, my focus will be to implement a stronger, much faster financial criteria and team together to make your sales process more efficient. By receiving your reports in this format, this makes it easy to decipher and process your reports much quicker.

This financial system will also reflect the current financial cycle (viewed on our Terms of Service).

If you are a customer that has yet to receive ANY sales report updates since January of this calendar year, please contact our Royalty Team at: and either myself or one of our representatives will be in touch with you.

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