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WaTunes Artist TechnoVoc shares the iTunes Spotlight in US & Canada

Hey guys,

Its been a long time since I’ve posted some marketing features on iTunes. Though, we’ve had many features and placements through various stores, this one, was very intriguing to me that I felt that I should post it out.

I am very proud to say that we’ve been able to break the barrier of other territorial features other than the United States. WaTunes Artist, TechnoVoc, who released his debut album ‘Forever’ has been featured on the iTunes Store in both US and Canada in the Electronic genre. I recommend everyone picking up a copy of this really interesting album. The screenshots are the featured album. As always, we’re willing to provide services like these for VIP customers. As a VIP customer, we can work with you to expand your music, secure placements, and up the ante on your brand.

iTunes Store (US)

iTunes Store (CA)

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Promo Trio: Braulio + Barbara Sheree + Asnazzy scores a featured spotlight on iTunes!

Hey guys,

As always, we love to boost our success when we see our customers securing feature placements at various music store services. This shows that with our revolutionary model, we’re not all just about getting your music into the iTunes Store. Here at WaTunes, we’re dedicated people that really wants to help you succeed and give you a potential spotlight to shine. So without further delays, let us kick off this weeks iTunes favorites! Make sure that you pick up your copy of these releases on iTunes Today!

First off is: Braulio – They Gotta Love It (Remix) – Single / Frontstreet Records

Secondly: ASNAZZY – It’s a Hurricane – EP / ASNAZZY Productions

Finally: Barbara Sheree – Writer’s Block – Single / SOUND FOUND MUSIC GROUP

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Premier Dance Label PBR Recordings shares ‘Dance Spotlight’ on iTunes with ‘So Fly’!

Hey guys,

I am proud to say that one of our dance label customers PBR Recordings was able to score an iTunes feature in the ‘Dance’ section. PBR Recordings is home to dance artists and DJs including MC Flipside, Granite & Phunk, Defunct!, and more! If you are a DJ or dance lover, definitely pick up a copy of Granite & Phunk – So Fly – EP which is now featured and available on iTunes worldwide! 🙂

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Songwriter/Singer Verity on Wal-Mart MP3 + Dux Jones featured on iTunes!


Hey guys,

As you know from our previous post, we were finalizing our deal to deliver your music into the Wal-Mart MP3 store. I am proud to say that the deal is complete and we will begin delivery of your contents right now for Wal-Mart if you have already OPT-IN to the service. Here, one of our latest artist: Verity is now live on This shows that it is very possible for us to get your music made available into the hands of Wal-Mart fans everywhere.

In other news, Dux Jones graces iTunes with his 3rd feature spotlight with his stunning single “Catch Me Illin”. I recommend any of you hip-hop fans go grab this single and tune in to this work of art! 😛

August 11, 2009 at 2:54 pm 3 comments

Makell Bird Presents: Maktown Radio Vol. 7 Now featured on iTunes!

Hey guys,

Wow! We are cruising this week! First off, we introduced the first ever iTunes Daily Trending Reports. This gives you the power to track your sales on a day-to-day basis. Now, we got a new feature in place this week on the iTunes Store! Makell Bird, also known as “The Mixtape King of Las Vegas” releases his 7th series of Maktown Radio. This compilation features Ty Real, J Steele, Holmez, and more! Get your copy of this compilation on iTunes today!

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Freakshow & Jab shares the spotlight on iTunes!

As you already know, WaTunes is a place not only for online music distribution, but also a place to share your music with your fans. One of the key things that really makes a difference with WaTunes is that our goal is to not only distribute your music, but to provide possible marketing opportunities whenever we see the window. I am very excited to say that WaTunes has secured more features for our customers on iTunes and the show has only just begun. First off, Freakshow:

For those who may not know, Freakshow is one of the most anticipated rock/metal groups hailing from British Columbia, Canada. The group features Markus Allen Christopher (of M!SS CRAZY), Jeff La Bar (of Cinderella), Tony Franklin (of The Firm & Blue Murder), and the legendary Frank Banali (of Quiet Riot). Their debut album “Freakshow” by Retrospect Records as received critical acclaim from around the world. Here at WaTunes, we’d like to welcome them into our family and showcase their iTunes feature this week! If you’re a rock fan, pick up your copy of Freakshow today!

Another unique artist coming into the shine is Jab:

Jab (also known as Joseph Gamache) is a entertainer with major proportions. Hailing from Flint, Michigan, Jab has delivered his lyrical works from touring cross country, providing a new twist in Hip-Hop to his fans. Signed to the refreshing and innovative label FrontStreet Records, Jab releases his latest single “Alright” and he won’t stop there. Expect to see more from this artist and the label. We’re happy to spread him some iTunes love and give him a spotlight feature! Pick up your copy of “Alright” today!

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Dux Jones hit single gets featured on iTunes!

Hey guys,

Exciting times this year as we’re working hard to provide features for our customers. WaTunes is not just about online music distribution, but it is also about increasing sales for every customer. We aim to value everyone as a highly valued customer and we are always excited when we see our customers contented featured in the marketplace. Today is no different. Dux Jones from Frontstreet Records has been featured into the iTunes Store (yet again!). With his latest single ‘ Pourin it On’, he gives his fans a more hardcore rap style that definitely plans to pleased the ear of the listener. Click on the link below to buy your copy of Dux Jones latest single on iTunes today! 🙂

Dux Jones – Pourin It On – Single | Dux Jones - Pourin It On - Single - Pourin It On

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