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Why WaTunes New Experience Brings Opportunities?

Hey guys,

Just doing a quick update here. Only 14 days away until the pre-launch of WaTunes New Experience. Providing you new social tools to empower your music. Now I’ve been getting e-mails upon e-mails about New Experience and is it different from other social music networks?

To answer to that is yes! WaTunes New Experience provides a different approach to not only showcase music, but also discovering new music. We’re brining the most innovative technologies all under one social environment, enabling everyone to enjoy a unique social music experience. Another big question I’ve received about WaTunes New Experience is:

“Should I go with a different distributor. Can I still be apart of WaTunes New Experience?”

The answer to that question is also yes! With WaTunes New Experience, you are not obligated to become a label partner and distribute your music through our distribution services. Though, as an artist/label, you’ll always have the option to go through our distribution program, creating your social profile on WaTunes New Experience can enable you to take part of a whole new social environment. You can also become a WaTV subscriber and submit your music videos (HD Quality required) for users to be able to watch you perform.

The possibilities of WaTunes New Experience will be endless and we want to invite you and your friends, family, and fellow artists & labels to join in the new revolution!

September 12, 2009 at 5:28 pm 1 comment

DJ Alodis of Kandystand Shares His Experience with WaTunes!

Kandystand Website | Kandystand on iTunes

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