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XDI Undergoing Maintenance, new iTunes prodecures!

Hello WaTunes users,

As everyone is aware by now that it has take us a few months to ingest content to iTunes and other store services using XDI as we’ve been trying to iron out the bugs. To ease out a lot of frustration and to make sure we can began ingesting your content to iTunes right now, we’ve created temporary system where you can e-mail your releases to our iTunes Department. If you’re itching for your content to be ingested into iTunes right now as we work on XDI, please follow the procedures below:

– Make sure you have your contents ready (mp3 files, covert art in 600x600px JPG)
– Create a folder and name the name of your album
– Input all contents into this folder and compress it into a .zip file (ZIP)

Once your file has been compressed, please send it to our iTunes Department at Although you can use transfer sites such as YouSendit or RapidShare to send files, we highly recommend that you sign up for 2Large2Email. Once you’ve sent your content to our iTunes Deparment you will be notified by our new iTunes Content Manager who will then work with you in ingesting your content for iTunes.

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Re-uploading your Covert Art!

Hey everyone,

I’ve been looking at some image content and notice that many of you guys have been uploading the incorrect image size. In order for us to deliver your music to our music store services, please make sure that your cover art contains the following:

Size/Dimensions: 600×600 pixels
Format: JPG (JPEG)

All artwork must be 600×600 in sizes or higher (and must be equal in both length and width). For example: 800×800, 1000×1000, and so on. We humbly ask that for everyone to re-upload their cover art in the correct format so that we may be able to deliver your content to eMusic.

I thank all of you for become our customers and I look forward to continue our relationship together.

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WaTunes gets Obama release on iTunes!

Chubb Rock, one of the hip-hop’s engines in the 1990s has released his supported Barack Obama release titled “Obama We Believe“. The release is now exclusively available and featured on iTunes and you can listen to it here at WaTunes. Obama We Believe introduce new artists such as Shae Fontaine, Michael K, Kritical, Zaragu, and Santiago. With Obama as the new elected president of the United States, we’d like you show your support by downloading your copy of the release today!


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We welcome eMusic + New Subscription System

Good News!

We’re finally on the rise by integrating eMusic into our new system. This will enable us to secure and deliver your contents automatically to eMusic without no hassles through our unique system. As of today, WaTunes will be a subscription service, providing you new distribution and content services for a low $10 a month. Heres what you get:

– 100% Royalties
– Sell unlimited songs and albums
– Get your own artist profile and album pages
– Invite your friends to rate and listen to your albums
– Get considered for our marketing and promotional services
– And More!

If you are a current WaTunes customer, you must submit the $10 fee before we can secure your music for eMusic delivery. Next up on our list to integrate into our system is your very own favorite music store: iTunes. I’ll definitely keep you posted on everything as we move forward from there. Let’s rock guys!

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