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Find Us On MySpace & Facebook!

Hey guys,

Good news! Now you can find us on Facebook & Myspace! If you are a MySpace user or Facebook user, feel free to check us out and become apart of our social groups there. Also invite your friends and spread the word about our services via these affiliations. Click on the links below to check out our profiles!



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WaTunes Is Back Online!

Hey guys,

Kevin here! Very great news! We are fully back online with a new update of our site. With a new look and feel, we’re able to provide you with the services you need to get your music heard right away! With new procedures, more functional features, and faster response time, you’re now able to sell your music freely using our updates. So what are you waiting for? Get your music heard now!

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Abstract Techno by Fox Techno now in iTunes via WaTunes!

WaTunes is on the roll – Abstract Techno, the latest album by Fox Techno is now it iTunes! Check it out!

Abstract Techno by Fox Techno on iTunes via WaTunes

Abstract Techno by Fox Techno on iTunes via WaTunes

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Rising hip-hop star Kitty Katt is now featured on iTunes!

It is always a great pleasure to spread the word about our customers, and this time isn’t any different. Rising hip-hop star Kitty Katt is now featured on iTunes with her hit single “Crank Datt Kitty Katt – Single”! So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today and get in on the action!

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Site to be updated to 2.0.5

Hey guys,

As you guys probably witness, the WaTunes 2.0.4 site has been experiencing some very huge issues and bugs. Right now, we’re about to update you the site with a more luscious design and feature implementations. Of course, there will be some features that we will have to disable for now until things shape up. But this will give us a fresh start edge for 2009!

I’ll keep you guys posted as time progress on our update!

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Chubb Rock and Shizz Strothers NOW in iTunes via WaTunes!

Like they say, a screenshot speaks a thousand words … here’s Shizz Strothers on iTunes …

Shizz Strothers on iTunes

and also, Chubb Rock!

Chubb Rock on iTunes

Stay tuned for more artists and their tunes getting into iTunes via WaTunes!

posted by Paul “The Pageman” Pajo

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Skope Records sings with WaTunes

WaTunes site

Check out the announcement on the Skope Records website!

“Skope Records is gearing up for a busy 2009. Skope Records has secured a digital distribution deal with will be the exclusive distributor for all singles being released from Skope Records artists. will be responsible for posting all singles on such sites as I-Tunes, Rhapsody, E-Music, Napster, ZUNE, and much more. has also agreed to take an active role in marketing Skope Records artists as well.

Skope‚Äôs CEO, Michael Friedman said, ‘This is very exciting news for Skope Records in that we can now produce, distribute, and market our music with incredible ease & efficiency. The sale of music is going digital and we are excited to be ahead of the curve.’

The first artist to be distributed from Skope Records through is Shizz Strothers. is already busy distributing six new singles and will continue to do so on a steady basis.

For more informtaion on Skope Records:
Michael Friedman

For more informtaion on
Kevin Rivers

With WaTunes, we draw in our fan-base to visit our profile page to listen, review, and download your music. By providing digital content management services, we can place your music to over 100 music store services including iTunes, Napster, and eMusic.”

Welcome to WaTunes all you Skope Record artists!

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Wishing Everyone A Happy New Year!

Hi everyone,

It’s 2009, and we’re off to a fresh start to provide you with the latest services in social media. We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Years as we move forward to new features, site updates, announcements, and other services. So let’s kick this year off with something fresh and innovating.

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