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[WaTunes] – WaTunes Opens Up 2010 With Streamline

Hey guys,

WaTunes will launch tomorrow on New Years and better than ever! We've been working very hard to come up with ways to make your experience better. We've receive lots of feedback of content delivery issues that made us came up with a new solution. Today, we are very excited and proud to introduce you to our new Content Delivery technology: Streamline. Streamline has been embedded into the Content Management System, making it easy for you to setup, upload, and deliver your music to our digital services. Below are questions and answers of the differences between the old and Streamline system:

Q: What is the difference between the old system & Streamline?

A: A huge difference is the new setup process to send your contents. Streamline is setup in 3 easy steps:

  • Create your UPC code and disc number (default to 01)
  • Input Album Information
  • Upload Music using our new Java Applet

Another difference is that the old system enable users to upload MP3s. Streamline requires that all users upload their contents in WAV (CD Audio) format. Album Covers must also be 600x600px JPG.

Q: How quick is the process from getting my music delivered to stores like iTunes?

A: Previously, we've had issues regarding content delivery with our old system. Some process took days, others took weeks and maybe months! Yikes! With Streamline, all contents are delivered to iTunes and other services within 3-6 hours prior to your album being fully submitted successfully using Streamline.

Q: What if my albums are currently "In Review"?

A: If you have a release that is 'In Review', we ask that you contact us so that we may remove the content from our system and enable you to re-upload your music using Streamline. Once your content is delivered using Streamline, it'll be delivered to iTunes and other services with great transparency.

Q: How does the Java Applet work?

A: Firstly, you must have Java installed on your computer. Please visit for the latest update on Java. Once installed, you'll be able to use our Java Applet which enables you to upload the required files (Audio Files: WAVs, Album Cover: JPG) to send to the stores. You can upload multiple files at once with the Java Applet and because it is so secure, there is never any lag or hang when uploading your contents. Once your contents has been uploaded successfully a pop-up will open. We ask that you do not close the pop up as it completes the file transfer. Once the pop-up has been closed automatically, you are free to close the Java Applet and your album has been fully uploaded and delivered to us successfully! Please make sure that you refresh your "My Albums" page to see your album status updated.

Q: What does the new album status mean?

A: With Streamline, we were able to add new album status to reflect your deliveries:

  • In Review – Album Information has been submitted but you have to finish the FINAL STEP (Uploading Your Music) using our Java Applet.
  • Transferred – Album has been successfully uploaded and submitted to WaTunes
  • Delivered – Album has been successfully delivered to the digital services.

Please understand that you must complete the entire 3 step process to successfully upload your music to us. Streamline isn't setup to review certain steps.

And there you have it! A new powerful solution to expedite your content deliveries. I hope that you guys will utilize this new system to move forward in sending your music to iTunes through WaTunes. As always, WaTunes offers the world's first and only free digital distribution into iTunes. So what are you waiting for? Deliver unlimited albums to iTunes using Streamline today!

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[WaTunes] – Muziic Web app offers Vevo without ads

Source: CNET

Muziic, the YouTube-based music application created by teenage programmer David Nelson, has been an impressive piece of work with one drawback: the desktop application only runs on Windows. Not anymore! On Christmas day, the company officially launched a Web-based version of its service, and it compares very favorably with other free online music services.

Videos from Vevo are integrated into search results on the new Muziic Web app.

Like the Muziic desktop app and U.K.-based, the new Muziic Web player draws its content from YouTube, and allows you to queue songs and save playlists. But it's got a couple of interesting wrinkles.

First, you can get content from Vevo without the pre-roll video advertisements you'd see on the YouTube or versions of the advertisments. (Nelson explained that those ads are not yet incorporated into the YouTube API, so they don't show up on the Muziic player; knowing Vevo's business goals, look for this to be "corrected" soon.) A Vevo tab on the Muziic Web player lets you surf through videos on the service, but they'll also show up in search results. There's also a crossfade feature that lets you blend songs together with a 1- to 10-second overlap–that's nothing new for a desktop app, but rare in a free Web app.

In addition, there's a new Muziic Facebook app that lets you play Muziic's entire library from within Facebook and post songs to your profile, and an iPhone app is coming shortly. I still find that Grooveshark has a bigger selection, but the Muziic Web app is definitely a worthwhile addition to your bookmarks.

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[WaTunes] – 10,000 Sonicbids Members Gets $4 million from SoundExchange

Source: Hypebot

Nearly 10,000 Sonicbids members got holiday presents in the form of $4 million from SoundExchange. The two companies partnered to identify indie artists using the Sonicbids electronic press kit system that are owed unclaimed digital performance rights.

SoundExchange is a non-profit that collects performance royalties from satellite and Internet radio, streaming sound recordings and other mostly online music sources. They also recently partnered with ReverbNation to find indie artists eligible for royalties. 

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ArtistData Adds Facebook Integration

Source: Hypebot

As of Christmas Eve, ArtistData users can post events directly to Facebook Fan Pages. "We wanted to roll this out for the holidays, but remember it's still in beta and you might encounter some bugs", said excited  ArtistData founder Brenden Mulligan. "And stay tuned .. in early 2010, we'll be releasing some big changes."

 ArtistData designs solutions to automate the updating of artist websites, social network profiles, concert databases, Twitter, official news feeds, local press, newsletters, and tour books. When an artist updates the ArtistData site, all their sites are updated.

The company also added two more to their team. Brandon Passley has joined as a senior engineer and Matt Williams has joined as a senior user experience designer. 

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WaTunes To Go Offline For Maintenance & New Service Updates

Hey guys,

I want to give you all the heads up that our site will be shutdown around 12AM EST for maintenance. We are working to move the entire site to a whole new server and a tthe same time implement new and exciting services. If you're content has not been delivered to our digital services as of yet, I ask that you please be patient and bare with us as we are working around the clock to make sure that your contents gets delivered in a timely manner.

No this doesn't mean that WaTunes is going out of business. In fact we're expanding faster than ever. Once the site is fully back up and operational, you'll be able to continue to enjoy our services along with possible new updates to better provide you with a pleasant WaTunes experience. If you have any questions regarding our site updates, please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your patience,


Kevin Rivers

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MySpace Continues To Get Trashed Over Imeem Shutdown. Will WaTunes Lead The Way?

Source: TechCrunch

It’s been nearly a week since MySpace Music closed its acquisition of some of the assets of music service Imeem and redirected to MySpace took a lot of heat for the sudden shutdown of the Imeem service, particularly the API.

But the fact is that MySpace didn’t shut the Imeem service down. Imeem’s creditors and the music labels did. If MySpace hadn’t done the deal Imeem would have shut down anyway. The company was just out of cash and options, and the wheels had come off the car. For the most part the press now gets that MySpace had very little to do with the shutdown, and has settled down.

Imeem’s 16 million monthly visitors apparently haven’t gotten the message, though, and every couple of minutes one of them fires off a frustrated message on Twitter. One example just a few minutes ago, in the image above: “Imeem, one of the best music sites, died, destroyed by MySpace.” Another: “RIP imeem, I will dearly miss you…All the more reason to hate myspace. They sold out on Dec. 8th.” Users are particularly upset about losing their playlists, something MySpace has said they’d work hard to transition “as quickly as possible.”

It’s not exactly the warms hug MySpace probably thought they’d receive when they stepped in and saved as much of the Imeem service as they could. And with the benefit of hindsight some basic communication to Imeem users other than the shock of a redirect to MySpace Music might have been a good idea. Like an email to users telling them what was happening, for example.

But the result is the same. The demise of Imeem had nothing to do with MySpace, and whatever parts of the service do live on will only do so because MySpace stepped in to buy some of Imeem’s assets. The hard part, of course, is getting that message to those 16 million pissed off users.

WaTunes Editorial Response:

"I know that iMeem lovers must feel frustrated with the purchase by MySpace. Though I hope that MySpace will create a brand that will provide certain iMeem elements to satisfy the fans, I believe that this couldn't be better to start searching for other avenues to discover music. In our case, we devote our next-gen social platform to majors, independents, and the fans. Giving everyone the ability to be flexible with their contents, sharing taste in music, and increase awareness is what makes us different from other digital services. Will we lead the way for 2010 a new innovation as we enter the cloud space? I certainly hope so. With more features being added, more opportunities, and more options. Its fitting that there is a huge demand in the music discovery of music. Creating the most robust digital music distribution for independent artists is only the beginning of our road map. I'd say to keep your nose on guard this coming year as we unveil some exciting new developments." – Kevin Rivers, CEO

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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[WaTunes] – Thousands Of Indie Artists Are Left Unpaid After MySpace’s Imeem Purchase

Source: Hypebot

It wasn't just fans who got the short end of the stick when MySpace purchased imeem. They just lost their playlists and a great place to hang out and discover music. Now its come to light that thousands of indie artists lost some hard earned cash.

MySpace only bought some of imeem's assets and assumed none of its mounting debts. Included in those unpaid debts were money owed to the 110,000 artists who used imeem owned SnoCap to sell there music on the web on a number of sites including imeem and MySpace itself.

Not assuming debt is a common practice when a struggling company is sold.  But now these 110,000 artists have to get in line behind more powerful creditors as imeem sells off its few remaining assets. Or somebody – like MySpace – could buy SNOCAP and find a way to at least partially compensate the artists. 

Why is Aerosmith's "Dream On" running through my head right now?

The official statement from MySpace:

“MySpace Music bought a limited set of imeem’s assets including the domain name and certain technology and trademarks,” a MySpace spokeswoman said in an e-mail to “The asset sale to MySpace Music was part of a foreclosure process which resulted from the lien certain secured creditors had on all the assets of imeem. MySpace Music did not acquire imeem’s outstanding debts, including the money imeem owed to artists under the Snocap relationship.  Upon closing, users trying to access the Imeem website were redirected to MySpace Music. We did not acquire imeem’s contracts or relationships as we have our own in place. MySpace Music has its own distribution platform, which includes relationships with prominent aggregators and indie labels, that provides indie artists ways to monetize their music on our site.”

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