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Amazon CD On-Demand Sample + New Updates Coming

Hey guys,

Amazing times ahead. Only several weeks away until the unveiling of WaTunes New Experience (I hope that you all will be well pleased and send us your feedback of any suggestions, new features, updates, etc.). I am proud to say that Monday, we’ll have a new Music Store system update and model infrastructure. This may make some of you happy, some of you not. However, in the long run we want to make sure that everyone benefits from the REAL treats that is to come within the coming months.

Today was a very great day as I was able to receive a copy of a On-Demand CD from Amazon from WaTunes artists ‘The Silver Movement’ with his debut album ‘The Voice Within’ (which I recently blogged about to display our ability to enable you to Pre-Order your CDs on iTunes). Below are great snapshots of what your On-Demand physical CD could look like based on your Artwork templates that we receive and other great information.

CD Cover (Front)

CD Cover (Back)

CD Disc

CD Booklet

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Amazon Deal + Who says that Pre-Orders are not possible?

Hey gang,

Wow what a rushing weekend. Announcing our Amazon deal has made quite a stir for the past couple of days and it is still making waves around the web. The ability to now be able to digitize your digital albums into real-life, professionally wrapped, physical CDs at little to no cost is another game-changing step from WaTunes.

Today, I’d like to share with you more additional add-ons for the iTunes Store. Ever wanted to input a digital booklet into your product? How about a Pre-Order of your upcoming new album? Well nothing to worry about, WaTunes is now able to offer Pre-Orders and Digital Booklet implementation into your albums. To learn more about how you can setup your albums with a digital booklet or schedule a Pre-Order, simply contact our Content Team. You can check out an example by The Silver Movement with his upcoming debut album “The Voice Within” schedule to be released in November 23rd, 2009. The album will have an exclusive release available on Amazon On-Demand & AmazonMP3.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the new Amazon services and new iTunes add-ons today!

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