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Matt "The Silver Movement" Kletter in WaTunes

We’re starting a series on WaTunes artists who are happy with getting their music into digital distribution (quickly! may I note) via WaTunes. First up is Matt “The Silver Movement” Kletter who recently just had his first single “Trouble In The Moshpit” released on ShockHound and iTunes fairly recently.

Matt Kletter/The Silver Movement on WaTunes

Paul Pajo: How did you first hear of WaTunes?

Matt Kletter: I was a former user of the site AudioOdyssey and I had become very frustrated with them. I needed a service that was quicker and easier to upload my music to iTunes. I was considering TuneCore but I saw how expensive it would have been to use them in the long run. I did a Google search and with a little time I managed to find WaTunes.

Paul Pajo: How would you describe the music that you make?

Matt Kletter: The music that I make started out with a lot of experimentation. Electronic music has grown on me over the past couple of years. I enjoy artists like Armin Van Buuren and DJ Tiesto and I knew that when I got into making music, I wanted to create songs in a style of music similar to theirs. I often find myself playing around in even basic programs such as GarageBand on my Mac (in which I create a majority of my tracks). I also have experience on programs like Adobe Audition, Logic Pro, Cubase and Pro Tools.

Paul Pajo: And Trouble In The Moshpit would be your first single?

Matt Kletter: Correct.

Paul Pajo: Can you describe your experience with WaTunes and what you think of its service in terms of releasing your first single?

Matt Kletter: To be totally honest with you when I clicked on the link in Google for the very first time and saw the layout of the page I thought to myself,“Oh great another AudioOdyssey…”. However after uploading my first single and seeing it hit ShockHound within a few days I became thrilled and once it hit iTunes at the speed it did I was stunned.

Paul Pajo: How is the reception so far from your fans?

Matt Kletter: It’s incredible what iTunes can do to an artist and without WaTunes my first single would have gone no where. I find myself checking for iTunes daily for new reviews. It is so much fun. Although my fan base is quite local and small, I hope that with the power of WaTunes N.E my fanbase will grow.

Paul Pajo: Do you plan on releasing your single in other digital distribution platforms aside from iTunes? Amazon perhaps?

Matt Kletter: Eventually. For now I enjoy the benefits of iTunes and ShockHound.

Paul Pajo: Matt, anything you’d like to share to our WaTunes blog subscribers? Any “inside info” on what’s next with Matt Kletter?

Matt Kletter: I am planning on getting some DJs to remix my first 3 singles for a remix EP as well as a full length album to be released on iTunes Fall 2009 called The Voice Within

So there we have it, Matt “The Silver Movement” Kletter on WaTunes. Download his single “Trouble In The Moshpit” on iTunes. And visit his music page on Myspace.

posted by Paul “The Pageman” Pajo

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Digitizing and Monetizing Your Music Space

Hey guys,

It’s been a very interesting week so far. Lots of new developments are taking place as the time draws near for us to reveal a proper date for WaTunes New Experience. I’d like to share with you on ‘Digitizing and Monetizing Your Music Space’. Well firstly put, digitizing your music space has been made very simple through online music distribution. Because there are unlimited inventory space and no manufacturing cost, it’s very simple and effective to digitize your music in channels where your music is very accessible.

Sometimes digitizing can become a challenge. This is due to a more traditional style of distribution in which an aggregator of sorts would require an utmost ownership of your content. In honesty, an artist real dream is to be able to place their music to where their major counterparts are present. However, in reality, almost everyone believes that by getting their music on the shelves would constitute them being found by potential fans much more rapidly. This kind of mentality has desensitize independent musicians because it being able to earn sufficient sales requires more than being on the selves of say iTunes. So ask yourselves this question: How much money do I want to make by making music?

I personally believe that anything is possible as I also believe that anyone can make as much money as they can set their goals to reach for or achieve. The first step to making the money you want to make in music is to invest in your marketing & promotions. This can be accomplished by first investing into a very cost effective online music distribution service (such as WaTunes) that enables you to free up more funds for your promotional campaigns. From a truthful perspective, if you spend more on distributing and digitizing your content than you to monetizing your content, you won’t be able to progress to increase your sales and earn the money you want.

Because the internet is so vast with new innovative business ideas that is creating ways to propel your music space in a cost effective manner, you can be able to re-invest into your own promotion and as a result monetize your music space.

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Introducing the WaTunes Internship Program

Hey guys,

Very exciting times ahead. As we move forward to offer a innovative way to provide our users with a whole new music experience, we want to provide even greater incentives and opportunities to see how WaTunes really tick. Today, I’d like to proudly announce that we will be introducing an internship opportunity currently for Mac users (though we’ll be offering opportunities for Windows Users in the Fall). For college students, we’ll be also working to negotiate possible credit options in the near future to further your college education. Below are current positions as an intern:

– Content Management (iTunes)
– Marketing & Promotions
– Trends & Development

If you are a Mac user interested in becoming a WaTunes intern, please contact us with the Subject title: “WaTunes Intern Opportunity” and I will further evaluate you and explain the possibilities in becoming an intern. 🙂

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WaTunes featured on VUE Weekly!

Hey guys,

As time progress and we’re closing in on the launch of WaTunes New Experience, I was very excited to see that we have been picked up by VUE Weekly! Special thanks to Steven Sandor for writing a very compelling article about the relevance of the digital music industry and showing just how much we’ve stated the game with revolutionary formula.

With the power to sell your music on iTunes entirely free without upfront cost or giving up your royalties, how can you lose? You now have the power to re-invest money you would of spent towards paying per albums and put it towards your own promotion and even your own music expansion through WaTunes VIP services. So, without delay, check out this really cool article from VUE Weekly!

Vue Weekly: Enter Sandor – Outside of the Box

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Why We Think You Should Expand Your Music!

With the ever-changing internet, the digital music industry has enabled almost anyone to gain entry to digital retailers including iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, and Amazon. Today, thousands of digital distributors have distribute and delivered content to the masses on the behalf of their artists & labels. Most distributors requires a certain percentage from the royalties of their contents, while some requires an upfront cost, or both. As you guys know, here at WaTunes, artists & labels are given the power to sell their music on iTunes, eMusic, and ShockHound entirely free and they are able to receive 100% of the royalties!

But, what if you want to expand to more stores? What if you want something more than iTunes? In this day and age, there are many digital distributors who have a large amount of store offerings to expand your music availability. However, they require a certain percentage of your sales for the distribution cost. My philosophy is that should an artist wish to gain entry to more stores, create a cost effective way of providing them that option. This is why we’ve introduce the premium VIP service. For just $29.95 a year, artists & labels will not only be able to gain entry to more music store services, but also the top mobile markets and gaming markets as well. Expansion is key and by providing this low cost solution to expand your music, you’ll be able to re-invest your sales into even greater availability through WaTunes.

If you would like to request a copy of our full list of music store services, please feel free to contact us and I’ll personally e-mail you our PDF of our store offerings and listings. 🙂

Of course, the VIP service is optional. Therefore, as a free user, enjoy the fruits of getting your music on the iTunes Store without restrictions, without any upfront cost, and without any royalties taken from the sales of your music.

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Making an Impact is Making a Difference

Hey guys,

Your co-host and CEO of WaTunes here! I must say, I am so excited to see how this is really working out. It’s been 3 months since we’ve made the historical announcement to offer an online music distribution service entirely free, giving independent artists and record labels a real shot at getting their music available to iTunes without paying any upfront cost and most importantly without sacrificing any royalties from the artists.

Since then, we’ve made your voices heard through many media outlets, blogs, social sites, and more. We’ve underwent many test and we’re still working even hard to improve our model and focus. There is so much to get done and we’re still not ‘quite there’ yet. However, I will say that we are on the right direction by creating a strong product that sells itself and a strong team behind it that is very dedicated to provide you a customer service that can flare up excitement.

Every so often, we’ve reach many different companies who also share our vision of making a different in the music industry. In this case, we’ve came across, a site dedicated to offer musicians guidance on how they can self-promote themselves and be able to reach a wide-array of potential fans. I’d like to share an article that they’ve written about WaTunes and the digital music age as we’re rapidly undergoing into an ever changing industry. Through these tough times, there are also exciting moments. So, without further delay, please take a look at the article written by Simon Adams of

WaTunes helps independent artists ride the crest of the digital distribution wave

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WaTunes joins with SoundOps to provide multiMASTERING services!

Well, with more business opportunities comes more customer opportunities! I am very happy to announce that WaTunes has established a strategic partnership with SoundOps. Through this partnership, we’ll be able to now offer you guys Mastering services that will help you create high-quality music for your fans before you send them our way for digital distribution. In conjunction, SoundOps customers will also be able to get digital distribution services from us to create a seamless balance of providing a unique digital quality service all together. You can be able to try out SoundOps by clicking on one of their ads OR login to your WaTunes account and click on ‘Master My Music’. This will take you to the SoundOps page where you’ll be able to get your music mastered by industry professionals very fast! So guys without further delay get your music mastered and get them out on iTunes! 😀

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