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Welcome to WaTunes New Experience!

Hey guys,

WaTunes New Experience is now live! I hope that you’ll be able to get familiar with your new content and enjoy the new services of WaTunes. As always if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Welcome to the new WaTunes!

September 28, 2009 at 12:00 pm 2 comments

Only Days Away! Prepare for What’s Coming!

Hey guys,

Only 2 days away until WaTunes New Experience is live. I know you guys are eagerly waiting to see what you can do. So let me give you guys some brief points of what you can expect from the new social platform:

Artist & Labels

New Dashboard: Being able to navigate through WaTunes New Experience has become more easier than ever. With your new dashboard, you’ll be able to instantly get started creating your very own profile, upload albums, and view sales analytics.

Multi-Album Submissions: Previously, you only were able to upload 1 album through our metadata system. Now, with WaTunes New Experience, you have the power to submit up to 20 albums at the same time!

Sales Reports & Analytics: As you guys know, sales reports for July has been delayed in order for us to work on the new sales report system. I am very happy to say that all July sales data are available to view on your new sales report system. If you haven’t received any sales data, please do not be alarm as the most common scenario is that you may have no received any sales for the July period.

We’re also adding a new “Add-Ons” menu which enables you to check out the following features:

VIP In Full Swing: If you are a V.I.P customer, your account will be fully reflected and ready to go. For customers who are not VIP members you can subscribe to the V.I.P service for just $29.95 per year and sell unlimited music & ringtones.

Introducing NOISE: We’re introducing the new NOISE distribution service. For just $59.95 per album, you’ll be able to gain access to all music store services + get up to 250 plays via Jango Airplay!

WaTV Net: Submit your music videos to WaTV and gain exposure. Submit unlimited music videos for just $24.95 per month.

Music Video Distribution: After beta testing Music Videos, we’ve finally launched the new Music Video distribution service. This service is fee based for both VIP and Free customers! For more information on the Video service rates, you’ll be able to check out our plans upon the launch.

So what if you’re not a music artist? What should you expect?

Brand New Profiles: Get your very own unique profile. Upload your main photo, share websites, embed widgets, and more!

WaTunes Mobile Store: Download over 600,000+ ringtones from your favorite artists.

WaTV: Watch your favorite music videos, news, technology trends, and more via WaTV and chat with other viewers at the same time!

This is an exciting moment for us and I hope that you guys will invite everyone you know to sign up at WaTunes New Experience and experience a whole new way to interact with each other.

WaTunes New Experience – Time To Get Excited!!!

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Final Week Teaser: New Sales Dashboard + 6 Days Left, Time to Get Excited!

Hey guys,

Can you believe that its only 6 days left until the launch of WaTunes New Experience??!!! I hope you all are just as excited as I am. As you know we’ve been dishing out little teasers here and there to give you a taste of what is coming. This final week, I’ve decided to reveal a special treat just for the artists & labels that uses WaTunes for their digital distribution. Over the past few years, we’ve received MANY e-mails of us requesting an online sales & accounting system to view sales and keep track of digital downloads. Today, I am proud that we’ve finally made your wishes possible!

This week, I will reveal to you a brief look at your new Dashboard and Sales Reports. Below is what the new sales system will look like. In this teaser demo, we’ve created a sample sales data for iTunes that reflects real albums! As always, we welcome any feedback that you may have and we’re looking forward to working with new and current customers a like.

September 22, 2009 at 4:02 pm 3 comments

Down But Not Out!

Hey guys,

As you probably already noticed, the WaTunes site is fully down. Already, I’ve received some e-mails regarding this site offline move and here I’ll be answering some of your questions (hopefully).

So why is the site offline?

As you guys know, the time is drawing near for WaTunes New Experience. We are currently undergoing a major transition phase from the current website to the next generation social music platform. Our site will be fully up and running by the launch of WaTunes New Experience ( September 28th, 2009).

What will happen to my contents?

If your contents have been delivered to us prior to our closing, chances are they are already in delivery mode to the music store services that you’ve requested. If you’re looking to deliver a new release to us, you’ll have to wait until we release WaTunes New Experience.

What are the changes that this new site will have versus the old one?

With WaTunes New Experience, we’re spawning HUGE changes in the site infrastructure and functionality. Firstly, every user (Artists, Labels, and Fans) will have their own unique profile. Each user will have the ability to share their music tastes, embed widgets, communicate and call each other via Skype (which is pretty neat!), and display relevant information such as social sites, bios, personal sites, etc.

Secondly, for artist and labels who uses WaTunes digital distribution service, we’ve created a robust Sales Reporting System that enables you to view your sales online, a killer profile dashboard, and other interactive features.

There is a lot that is going on behind the scenes to make your music success even greater with WaTunes. In only a few months, we’ve rapidly became one of the world’s fastest growing music services on the web. Now we’re about to raise the bar even higher by providing a new next generation social platform that is designed not just for independent artists, labels, and fans but even for major artists as well. If you have any questions regarding WaTunes, WaTunes New Experience, and other services, please visit our site (even though its down) and send us your “Feedback”. We’d love to hear from you.

September 15, 2009 at 3:17 pm 1 comment

Week 3: New Experience Teaser, Jay-Z, Kandystand , Full Site Shutdown Tuesday 9/15

Hey guys,

Kevin here. Only 14 days…Wait…13 days until the pre-launch of WaTunes New Experience coming September 28th, 2009. As you guys know, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been dishing out weekly teasers of what is coming with WaTunes New Experience. So far you guys have seen the public profile pages and the killer new video service WaTV. This week, I will introduce to you guys the new WaTunes Mobile Store, a new development in partnership with Thumbplay, a leading digital mobile music service provider. With the WaTunes Mobile Store, you’ll be able to search, listen, and download your favorite ringtones, graphics, wallpaper, and games right into your phone. Working with carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Celluarsouth, now you can share music on a whole new playing field. Check out the latest ‘Blueprint 3’ by Jay-Z now being available as a downloadable ringtone on WaTunes.

Jay-Z – Blueprint 3 – On to the Next One:

So what does this have to do with the indie artists that uses WaTunes for digital distribution?

A lot. Through Thumbplay’s OPEN Platform, we’ve enabled you to directly deal with Thumbplay to easily convert your songs into ringtones and making them instantly available on Thumbplay and the WaTunes Mobile Store. WaTunes Artist Kandystand quickly took advantage of Thumbplay and has their latest release “Everybody” now available as a ringtone on the WaTunes Mobile Store.

Kandystand – Everybody (The Electro Remixes):

These are several great opportunities that we will be providing with New Experience. On a separate note, this Tuesday, the WaTunes current site will be fully shutdown until September 28th to begin our transition into WaTunes New Experience. I will have a basic simple placeholder in place for the site updates for contacts, blogs, etc. Please know that everything will be fully updated once we launch WaTunes New Experience. If you have any questions regarding the new changes, please contact us.

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Why WaTunes New Experience Brings Opportunities?

Hey guys,

Just doing a quick update here. Only 14 days away until the pre-launch of WaTunes New Experience. Providing you new social tools to empower your music. Now I’ve been getting e-mails upon e-mails about New Experience and is it different from other social music networks?

To answer to that is yes! WaTunes New Experience provides a different approach to not only showcase music, but also discovering new music. We’re brining the most innovative technologies all under one social environment, enabling everyone to enjoy a unique social music experience. Another big question I’ve received about WaTunes New Experience is:

“Should I go with a different distributor. Can I still be apart of WaTunes New Experience?”

The answer to that question is also yes! With WaTunes New Experience, you are not obligated to become a label partner and distribute your music through our distribution services. Though, as an artist/label, you’ll always have the option to go through our distribution program, creating your social profile on WaTunes New Experience can enable you to take part of a whole new social environment. You can also become a WaTV subscriber and submit your music videos (HD Quality required) for users to be able to watch you perform.

The possibilities of WaTunes New Experience will be endless and we want to invite you and your friends, family, and fellow artists & labels to join in the new revolution!

September 12, 2009 at 5:28 pm 1 comment

Week 2: New Experience WaTV Teaser

Hey guys,

We’re now on Week 2 as the countdown continues until the launch of WaTunes New Experience. This week, I’ll reveal to you guys our new WaTV streaming service. Through our strategic partnership with Livestream, WaTV will enable every user the ability to watch the latest music videos, industry news, and more from major and independent artists alike. WaTV is designed to give exposure to the artists and introduce a medium for fans to watch and discover new music. WaTunes New Experience will launch WaTV with 10 music channels from Country and Rock to Hip-Hop and Latin. So without further delay, the screenshot below is WaTV in action. As always, if you have any questions or comments regarding WaTunes New Experience and its features, please feel free to contact us.

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