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Amazon CD On-Demand Sample + New Updates Coming

Hey guys,

Amazing times ahead. Only several weeks away until the unveiling of WaTunes New Experience (I hope that you all will be well pleased and send us your feedback of any suggestions, new features, updates, etc.). I am proud to say that Monday, we’ll have a new Music Store system update and model infrastructure. This may make some of you happy, some of you not. However, in the long run we want to make sure that everyone benefits from the REAL treats that is to come within the coming months.

Today was a very great day as I was able to receive a copy of a On-Demand CD from Amazon from WaTunes artists ‘The Silver Movement’ with his debut album ‘The Voice Within’ (which I recently blogged about to display our ability to enable you to Pre-Order your CDs on iTunes). Below are great snapshots of what your On-Demand physical CD could look like based on your Artwork templates that we receive and other great information.

CD Cover (Front)

CD Cover (Back)

CD Disc

CD Booklet

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WaTunes partners with Amazon to offer On-Demand CD Service

Hey guys,

For those who has been itching to get your music on AmazonMP3, not only have your prayers been answered, but it is official that WaTunes has partnered with Amazon to offer you Amazon On-Demand! With Amazon On-Demand, you’ll be able to sell physical CDs on the Amazon store as well as digital downloads on AmazonMP3. Now you can take control of your complete music products and bring them into the physical CD world. Even though CD sales are declining, they are still a huge by product of your sales. We highly recommend that you go for Amazon On-Demand if you are selling a full-length (10 tracks or more) album.

Q: So what does this mean for VIP customers?

As a VIP customer, you’ll be able to OPT-IN into Amazon On-Demand + AmazonMP3 entirely free as apart of your $29.95 yearly fee. As always, you’ll be entitled to earn 100% of your royalties (about 40% paid out to every artist through Amazon On-Demand). If you’re a VIP customer and you are selling only singles, you can still OPT-IN into the AmazonMP3 store for digital downloads.

Q: So what does this mean for Free customers?

As a Free customer, you now have the option to OPT-IN into the Amazon On-Demand + AmazonMP3 service for $10 per album. Normally, you are able to sell your music entirely free into iTunes, eMusic, and ShockHound. Now, you’ll be able to optimize your music into physical CDs and sell them on Amazon at the lowest cost possible with no annual fees. As always, you’ll be entitled to earn 100% of your royalties (about 40% paid out to every artist through Amazon On-Demand). If you only want to OPT-IN into AmazonMP3 you can still do so for $10 per album (including singles).

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