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Matt "The Silver Movement" Kletter in WaTunes

We’re starting a series on WaTunes artists who are happy with getting their music into digital distribution (quickly! may I note) via WaTunes. First up is Matt “The Silver Movement” Kletter who recently just had his first single “Trouble In The Moshpit” released on ShockHound and iTunes fairly recently.

Matt Kletter/The Silver Movement on WaTunes

Paul Pajo: How did you first hear of WaTunes?

Matt Kletter: I was a former user of the site AudioOdyssey and I had become very frustrated with them. I needed a service that was quicker and easier to upload my music to iTunes. I was considering TuneCore but I saw how expensive it would have been to use them in the long run. I did a Google search and with a little time I managed to find WaTunes.

Paul Pajo: How would you describe the music that you make?

Matt Kletter: The music that I make started out with a lot of experimentation. Electronic music has grown on me over the past couple of years. I enjoy artists like Armin Van Buuren and DJ Tiesto and I knew that when I got into making music, I wanted to create songs in a style of music similar to theirs. I often find myself playing around in even basic programs such as GarageBand on my Mac (in which I create a majority of my tracks). I also have experience on programs like Adobe Audition, Logic Pro, Cubase and Pro Tools.

Paul Pajo: And Trouble In The Moshpit would be your first single?

Matt Kletter: Correct.

Paul Pajo: Can you describe your experience with WaTunes and what you think of its service in terms of releasing your first single?

Matt Kletter: To be totally honest with you when I clicked on the link in Google for the very first time and saw the layout of the page I thought to myself,“Oh great another AudioOdyssey…”. However after uploading my first single and seeing it hit ShockHound within a few days I became thrilled and once it hit iTunes at the speed it did I was stunned.

Paul Pajo: How is the reception so far from your fans?

Matt Kletter: It’s incredible what iTunes can do to an artist and without WaTunes my first single would have gone no where. I find myself checking for iTunes daily for new reviews. It is so much fun. Although my fan base is quite local and small, I hope that with the power of WaTunes N.E my fanbase will grow.

Paul Pajo: Do you plan on releasing your single in other digital distribution platforms aside from iTunes? Amazon perhaps?

Matt Kletter: Eventually. For now I enjoy the benefits of iTunes and ShockHound.

Paul Pajo: Matt, anything you’d like to share to our WaTunes blog subscribers? Any “inside info” on what’s next with Matt Kletter?

Matt Kletter: I am planning on getting some DJs to remix my first 3 singles for a remix EP as well as a full length album to be released on iTunes Fall 2009 called The Voice Within

So there we have it, Matt “The Silver Movement” Kletter on WaTunes. Download his single “Trouble In The Moshpit” on iTunes. And visit his music page on Myspace.

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