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WaTunes Wants To Meet You! Personally!

Hey guys,

Very exciting times ahead as we draw close to reveal our release date for WaTunes New Experience (yay its finally coming!). For the remainder of the year, myself and some of the WaTunes executives will be flying to some major cities to attend some really great events and hopefully be able to meet some of you in person! If you are in the area or close to the area at the time of our arrivals, feel free to shoot us a line and we can setup a time to meet up, have lunch, talk about WaTunes, humble beginnings, bright future, anything you want!

Besides of primary fact of attending these events, we want to meet you! We take pride in not just working for you but also working with you. So without further delay, below is our travel schedule for the year of 2009. Please note that this list may be subject to change at anytime:

San Francisco, CA (September 24th – 27th)
San Diego, CA (October 8th – 11th)
Atlanta, GA (November 8th – 15th)
New York, NY (December 30th- 3rd)

Looking forward to meeting some of you! 🙂

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Remembering 5 Years of History

Hey guys,

It never occurred to me how time fly. It was just 5 years ago when me and a couple of kids started this company called ‘Xeinge’ (pronounced Zee-Inge). I was just 17, still in high school, in my Junior year when I search the net to come up with a game development team to make a video game. I met many interesting people who were very good at what they did. One of those whom I’ve met was Harrison Engle (who now resigned) as we both created this website bringing people and gaming together. What became gaming sooner became music and entertainment. Today, Xeinge is at the forefront by creating three of the most unique brand of companies including WaTunes to enable musicians, record labels, and other media companies to seize control of their business workflow.

As I was searching the web today (googling ‘Xeinge’) I came across a VERY OLD version of the Xeinge site. This version was the first spawning of ideas which later gave birth to companies like WaTunes. This site was hosted by GeoCities (as we have no .com solution at that time). I’d like to let you guys take a look at this old version of Xeinge and compare it to what it is today. I look at these sites side-by-side and just drop in awe as to how far we have come since the first site. How Xeinge had to undergo MANY models and refinements to become a powerhouse it is today. So guys without further delay, feel free to check out our humble beginnings and our upcoming and bright future.

Old Site: Click Me!
Current Site: Click Me!

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WaTunes celebrates CEO Kevin Rivers Birthday + 100th Post!

Hey guys,

It’s been a fantastic year so far and I have been very blessed and glad to be able to speak and meet with some of you personally. Over the past 6 months, I’ve been nothing but grateful to be able to help all of you work to achieve greatness and surpass your music dreams. This post marks our 100th post of the latest news and information about WaTunes as well as the celebration of my birthday! Yes, today is my 22nd birthday and I am very glad to be able to meet and greet some of you and as we move forward, let us enjoy doing what we love and help others in the process. Until Monday, best wishes to everyone and thank you for making WaTunes possible. Below is a new Electronic/Dance track I made in dedication to my birthday and all the other birthdays out there! This track will be an iTunes Exclusive and will be made available on iTunes soon. I will offer a Free Download for 7 Days. Click on the download link below to get your free copy of my latest track: Kevin Rivers – Birthday Exclusive! 😀



Kevin Rivers

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Josh Chandler of interviews WaTunes CEO Kevin Rivers

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