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[Online Artist Promo] – WaTunes Offers Free Digital Distribution to iTunes

Special thanks to Tom Siegel for writing a thorough review about WaTunes and the new services that is to come! Check out the full review at:

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Countdown to WaTunes New Experience

Hey guys,

What a wild ride this summer as we made digital distribution more cost effective than ever. Being the first company to ever enable you to sell your music entirely free has become a great rewarding experience. One of the things we’ve noticed is that its not enough to just put your music up on iTunes and other store services these days. In this day and age, we have to help you interact with your fans, to help you make a difference and create your own networks. Thus, we’ve believe we have create one of the most impressive social music services promises such interaction. We call this new service: WaTunes New Experience. This service will launch this month on September 28th, 2009.

Since early May, we’ve been giving everyone a sneak peek at WaTunes New Experience, providing a video coverage, and a flash navigation demo (which is expect to be on-site by late next year) which creates an interactive feel to WaTunes. I’ve given a select few WaTunes customers the privilege to test out WaTunes New Experience, getting their feedback of the new development. Each customer shares their experience of the site saying “Brilliant! Outstanding! Great!” or “It brings a whole new idea to the industry!”.

WaTunes New Experience is not just for the independent artists and labels. We’re also planning to work with the major labels to get them to experience a new wave of social media and interaction. Our goal with WaTunes was always about bringing social networking and digital distribution into one, creating a one centric source for music. With WaTunes New Experience, I believe we have done just that by creating a site where everyone benefits.

For instance: As a fan, what if you had the ability to instantly call your favorite artist via the internet?


As an artist, what if you had the ability to reach out to new fans and instantly call them? Creating your very own network?

With WaTunes New Experience, we have made that possible through our partnership with Skype. With instant communication on a music scale, WaTunes New Experience is a worth waited event as we move forward to provide you with a unique experience for your music.

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WaTunes partners with Amazon to offer On-Demand CD Service

Hey guys,

For those who has been itching to get your music on AmazonMP3, not only have your prayers been answered, but it is official that WaTunes has partnered with Amazon to offer you Amazon On-Demand! With Amazon On-Demand, you’ll be able to sell physical CDs on the Amazon store as well as digital downloads on AmazonMP3. Now you can take control of your complete music products and bring them into the physical CD world. Even though CD sales are declining, they are still a huge by product of your sales. We highly recommend that you go for Amazon On-Demand if you are selling a full-length (10 tracks or more) album.

Q: So what does this mean for VIP customers?

As a VIP customer, you’ll be able to OPT-IN into Amazon On-Demand + AmazonMP3 entirely free as apart of your $29.95 yearly fee. As always, you’ll be entitled to earn 100% of your royalties (about 40% paid out to every artist through Amazon On-Demand). If you’re a VIP customer and you are selling only singles, you can still OPT-IN into the AmazonMP3 store for digital downloads.

Q: So what does this mean for Free customers?

As a Free customer, you now have the option to OPT-IN into the Amazon On-Demand + AmazonMP3 service for $10 per album. Normally, you are able to sell your music entirely free into iTunes, eMusic, and ShockHound. Now, you’ll be able to optimize your music into physical CDs and sell them on Amazon at the lowest cost possible with no annual fees. As always, you’ll be entitled to earn 100% of your royalties (about 40% paid out to every artist through Amazon On-Demand). If you only want to OPT-IN into AmazonMP3 you can still do so for $10 per album (including singles).

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Indie-Punk Distributor Lumberjack Mordam Music Group Goes Under. WaTunes Paves The Way For Digital Distribution for Lumberjack labels!

Excerpt from Musformation

Our earlier speculation turned out to be true! Lumberjack/Mordam is shutting down all operations. Earlier we concluded that this will be a symptom of people buying less records and going more digital based. We had an astute commentor who gave the following insight:

“I run one of the labels involved. It’s not the digital that did them under, over the years since Dirk Hemsath took over the company things have gone downhill, and labels have not been getting paid at all (with very few exceptions)
Their digital sales, they also never paid to their labels.

Their phones/E mails etc, have been turned off since late June.

Anyway, I just don’t agree at all, that it has anything to do with digital music, but more to do with simple accounting and morality, (as their digital sales of labels material were very rarely ever paid to the labels either)”

It’s very sad to see a very reputable indie-punk digital aggregator going under. In most cases, it’s always interesting to see a more clear focused distributor that targeted particular music. In like of dark moments for the labels at Lumberjack, there is indeed a ray of hope. Here at WaTunes, we’re able to provide them with the most prominent digital distribution on the web. As the first and only free digital distribution platform, labels are able to re-gain entry into the digital landscape, increasing their profits, while their distribution cost is reduced to little to zero.

Though I am biased, I believe that it is our goal to help musicians and record labels increase their profits and reduce their distribution cost to help save them time, efficiency, and of course money. In this world’s current economical state, it’s only fitting that a freemium model could be a possible solution to reducing the challenges many music acts and businesses are facing. On the behalf of the WaTunes team, I speak for all of us when I say that I hope that things will work out for the labels of Lumberjack and that we are always more than willing to extend our hand in providing them with the most effective online music distribution services out there.

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Should WaTunes make the free service iTunes-Only?

Hey guys,

Since early March, we’ve come along way to provide you guys with an excellent online music distribution service. Providing you the ability to sell your music on iTunes, eMusic, and ShockHound entirely free while you keep 100% of your royalties. This service has become very intriguing and attractive as it gives artists like you the power to take control of your music.

What strikes me as odd as that there has been many questions raised on whether or not WaTunes should make the free service iTunes-Only. Not don’t get me wrong, being on just iTunes is great as we will place your content on the biggest store on the planet. But I have asked myself: Would this be a viable and sensible approach? I just couldn’t make up my mind. Me personally, I would rather keep the service as is (placing your contents on iTunes, eMusic, and ShockHound). But, I’d like to hear your voices. So now I’ll ask you guys a question in which I’ve created a new poll.

Here is the question: Do you believe WaTunes should make the free service iTunes-Only?

Please place your votes on our poll and let us hear your voice as to how you would like us to approach this new deal.

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WaTunes featured on VUE Weekly!

Hey guys,

As time progress and we’re closing in on the launch of WaTunes New Experience, I was very excited to see that we have been picked up by VUE Weekly! Special thanks to Steven Sandor for writing a very compelling article about the relevance of the digital music industry and showing just how much we’ve stated the game with revolutionary formula.

With the power to sell your music on iTunes entirely free without upfront cost or giving up your royalties, how can you lose? You now have the power to re-invest money you would of spent towards paying per albums and put it towards your own promotion and even your own music expansion through WaTunes VIP services. So, without delay, check out this really cool article from VUE Weekly!

Vue Weekly: Enter Sandor – Outside of the Box

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Making an Impact is Making a Difference

Hey guys,

Your co-host and CEO of WaTunes here! I must say, I am so excited to see how this is really working out. It’s been 3 months since we’ve made the historical announcement to offer an online music distribution service entirely free, giving independent artists and record labels a real shot at getting their music available to iTunes without paying any upfront cost and most importantly without sacrificing any royalties from the artists.

Since then, we’ve made your voices heard through many media outlets, blogs, social sites, and more. We’ve underwent many test and we’re still working even hard to improve our model and focus. There is so much to get done and we’re still not ‘quite there’ yet. However, I will say that we are on the right direction by creating a strong product that sells itself and a strong team behind it that is very dedicated to provide you a customer service that can flare up excitement.

Every so often, we’ve reach many different companies who also share our vision of making a different in the music industry. In this case, we’ve came across, a site dedicated to offer musicians guidance on how they can self-promote themselves and be able to reach a wide-array of potential fans. I’d like to share an article that they’ve written about WaTunes and the digital music age as we’re rapidly undergoing into an ever changing industry. Through these tough times, there are also exciting moments. So, without further delay, please take a look at the article written by Simon Adams of

WaTunes helps independent artists ride the crest of the digital distribution wave

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iTunes + eMusic + ShockHound for the Finalized Free Model

Hey guys,

A lot is happening with WaTunes as we move forward to provide you with excellent services and positive results. I am glad to announce that we have finalize and made the final tweaks for the Free Digital Distribution model. As of now, free users will be able to sell their music only to iTunes, eMusic, and ShockHound. This gives everyone who wants free digital distribution and to keep 100% of their royalties to get a strong shot at selling their music on iTunes. This also provide artists & labels the ability to upgrade easily to VIP should they feel that the free user model has work very successfully for them. 🙂

For music strategist who would like to see their content placed on Amazon, Napster, and the rest of the music stores, we’ve been able to integrate those stores into the VIP service. We really wanted to put a lot of emphasis on the VIP service that we believe that by providing a free user system, we can now cater to both the free users and VIP users as everyone will be able to get a taste and full benefits of the online music distribution service.

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WaTunes Gets Featured on CNET!

Hey guys,

Exciting times as we’re moving along with WaTunes. Firstly, becoming the world’s first online music distribution service to go entirely free. Then, introducing a new VIP service that caters to artists and labels who wants to expand their music potential and attract more fans. Finally, creating a social music service that caters to the fans where they can instantly follow their favorite artists from the WaTunes catalog and so much more. As always, I love to keep up to date on the latest buzz from the media. I am very excited to see that CNET as written a great article about WaTunes. Special thanks to Matt Rosoff of CNET to provide a well written article about our announcement to balance out the question of ‘Which digital distribution service is the cheapest?’ Today, as you know, we’ve answered that question with huge excitement and creativity.

So, without further delays, please visit the CNET article from the link below and check out what’s new at WaTunes! 🙂

WaTunes on CNET!

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