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WaTunes: CD Baby Adds To Discussion On iTunes Live Times

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How WaTunes Can Distribute Music to Any Social Network!

While WaTunes no longer distributes music to digital retailers like iTunes since April 1st, that doesn't stop us for being able to become a leading social platform that distributes music to any social network. WaTunes social music platform enables users to discover and download millions of songs from their favorite artists. With the launch of its social app Music Store, we have indeed paved the way to discover new music on Facebook, the world's leading social network. With our recently new site update (WaTunes 3.7), we've made music distribution even more awesome!

So just how can we distribute music to any social network?

With over 7 million songs on WaTunes from labels including Universal, EMI, and Warner, we've not only made it possible for any artist to distribute their own music on the web. We've also made it possible for just about ANYONE to distribute their favorite titles to any social platform!

To get started simply discover and search any song you want. Next, click on the "Share" button. Now you'll be able to select any social network where you want to distribute your content. Our system will then authenticate your account information of that social network site and give you the ability to share music instantly! Its that simple!

As an artist, imagine your fans being able to easily share & distribute your music on their favorite social platforms with just a click of a button? Wouldn't that be easy? With WaTunes, it is now possible!

So what are you waiting for? SIGN UP for FREE as an artist or a fan and start distributing music today!

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WaTunes: Ditto Music Responds To TuneCore CEO Jeff Price

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WaTunes To Launch Music Store on BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm, and Android

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WaTunes: YouTube Launches New Music Landing Page

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If you don't know exactly what you are looking for, YouTube and its millions of videos can be a bit overwhelming.  To help guide visitors through the clutter YouTube has launched a new music landing page (here) Their revamped music page – part of a redesign that started with shows and movies pages – showcases the most viewed music videos, special promotions, curated playlists, unsigned talent and add the ability to create on-the-fly mixes. For example if you are in the mood for electronic beats? Scroll down to that genre and click “play” for an instant playlist.

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WaTunes: GigMaven: Helping Musicians to Self Book Shows

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WaTunes: Facebook Preparing To Announce 500 Million Users


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