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New Music Store Offerings Scheduled 2010 for VIP Customers!

Hey guys,

With the newly developed VIP service offering for just $12.95 per month, we are working to make the VIP services more appealing by offering more music store services starting in the first quarter of 2010. As your digital distribution service provider, here is my question to you:

Q: What are some digital store services that you would like to see your content made available?

Please post your comments and suggestions here. 🙂

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RoyaltyShare Pulls Out On Digital Distributon. WaTunes Leads The Way With Revolutionary Music Services

Excerpt from (

A little over a year after RoyaltyShare entered the digital-distribution business, the company is exiting the market, paidContent has learned. When it introduced its digital-distribution service last January, RoyaltyShare said it would provide a web-based platform for record labels and niche distributors to interact directly with digital retailers, bypassing the need to go through large digital aggregators such The Orchard (NSDQ: ORCD). The company also said digital distribution would compliment its royalty service, which helps entertainment companies calculate royalties from digital sales.

But spokesman Mike Kelly said the economy had forced the company to de-emphasize the service, which is no longer taking on new customers. Two of RoyaltyShare’s 30 employees have been let go?and other employees are moving to the company’s royalty and sales management operations. While RoyaltyShare provides customers with analytical data on their digital sales, a company like The Orchard also woks with stores to market new music releases. With labels operating with skeleton crews these days, some may see the fuller service option as a better proposition.

Luckily, there is WaTunes! A revolutionary music service that can help RoyaltyShare customers gain access to digital distribution without cost and build a brand with their music.

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WaTunes Gets Featured on CNET!

Hey guys,

Exciting times as we’re moving along with WaTunes. Firstly, becoming the world’s first online music distribution service to go entirely free. Then, introducing a new VIP service that caters to artists and labels who wants to expand their music potential and attract more fans. Finally, creating a social music service that caters to the fans where they can instantly follow their favorite artists from the WaTunes catalog and so much more. As always, I love to keep up to date on the latest buzz from the media. I am very excited to see that CNET as written a great article about WaTunes. Special thanks to Matt Rosoff of CNET to provide a well written article about our announcement to balance out the question of ‘Which digital distribution service is the cheapest?’ Today, as you know, we’ve answered that question with huge excitement and creativity.

So, without further delays, please visit the CNET article from the link below and check out what’s new at WaTunes! 🙂

WaTunes on CNET!

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WaTunes New Experience Preview

See this video on »

Hey guys,

I’m very excited at how the buzz is circulating about WaTunes New Experience in our efforts to compete in the social media market. So we’re climbing up to face the bigger giants of media like MySpace Music, which already has the audience for independent musicians. With WaTunes N.E., artists will finally be able to draw their fans and family to create that social pool to help drive sales of their music that is already distributed by WaTunes. has been tremendously helpful by giving you guys an exclusive coverage of WaTunes New Experience so far. Meliza Solan, a Vator news anchor and host of ‘What Am I Missy?’ helps share with you news on the impending topic ‘WaTunes vs. MySpace Music’. Click on the link below to check out the latest on WaTunes New Experience brought to you by

April 25, 2009 at 6:20 pm Leave a comment coverage of WaTunes New Experience

Hey guys,

It’s exciting to announce a sneak peek of WaTunes New Experience. This version of WaTunes will aim to satisfy the responses of many of our users. Already, we’re getting huge buzz and response about this new version of WaTunes., a site dedicate to provide startups like WaTunes to provide videos and pitches. Users can also meet with new business owners and investors. was very kind enough to write up a quick article about WaTunes N.E. So without further delay, click on the link below to read the article and let’s have some fun!!! 😀

WaTunes New Experience featured on

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WaTunes Reveals a First Look at New Experience

DETROIT –, the revolutionary music service that helps independent artists get their music into online music stores like iTunes and eMusic entirely free have announced to reveal a first look of their latest new version of their site known as WaTunes N.E. or New Experience. WaTunes N.E., which is scheduled to launch in late May aims to provide a more social appeal to the service while providing new services to propel the artists marketing. In a bid to enter the social music market such as MySpace Music, WaTunes N.E. will be able to provide users with their own personal profile where they can discover and share new music with their friends.

WaTunes users will also be able to purchase over 400,000 ringtones from their favorite artists, watch the latest video channels through WaTunes new video feed service WaTV, and sync their own playlists to their profiles. A WaTunes artist will also have upgraded features to be able to sell and manage their music faster at music stores like iTunes. Artist features including a robust online account system, social dashboard, personal profile, direct-to-store links, and the new Essentials tool which will provide the artist links to sites like Jango and Music Expand to help market their music.

“First we created a groundbreaking digital distribution model by giving independent artists 100% of their royalties at no cost. Now we’re raising bar yet again by introducing New Experience. With New Experience, we are able to draw our attention to the fans who wants to socially interact with their favorite artists. As a result we’re able to provide our artists greater exposure and they will be able to establish a deeper connection with their fans to drive sales. I’m very excited about this new update as we pave the way to provide independent artists access to expand their music career.” said Kevin Rivers, Found and CEO of WaTunes.

Apart from all the upgraded features, WaTunes N.E. will introduce a new VIP service for independent artists to get more exposure. For just a one-time $30 fee, a VIP artist will be able to have their content deliveries expedited, view unlimited iTunes Weekly Trend Reports, get a VIP badge on their profile, get considered to be on the Spotlight rotation of the site, and offer FREE music downloads for more viral marketing.

About WaTunes
WaTunes is a social media service that enables music artists and record labels to sell their music to leading music store services including iTunes, Rhapsody, and eMusic. Artist and labels can sell unlimited music and earn 100% of their royalties for free!
WaTunes also provides a whole new social music experience that enables the fans to connect and stream unlimited music freely, rate/comment their favorite albums, meet new friends, and buy music from the WaTunes Marketplace.

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