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Happy Halloween from WaTunes!

Hey guys,

First off, Happy Halloween to some of you and I hope you guys are enjoying your holidays. Today we have some very great new updates for WaTunes. As you guys know the VIP service has been changed to a monthly subscription service of $12.95 per month. Now I’ve been getting e-mails from current VIP members on whether or not they have to pay this new monthly fee. The answer is: Nope. If you are a currently active VIP customer, you do not have to pay the newly $12.95 per month and that your yearly subscription fee will be with you until you decide to cancel.

So how do I become a VIP?

Simple. Log in to your WaTunes account, click on ‘Add-Ons’ and purchase the VIP service. The moment you subscribe, we then check your purchase and your WaTunes account and any content you’ve delivered to us. Afterwards, your contents will automatically be delivered to the other digital services. No more waiting, no more hassles! A completely new and transparent service with the cheapest limitations. Now for just $12.95 per month, get your music into the world’s biggest digital stores, mobile stores, and gaming consoles, keep 100% of your royalties, and more!

Introducing WaTV NET

Got a Music Video, Film, Documentary, TV Show? Now you can subscribe to the new WaTV Net subscription service for just $5.95 per month and submit unlimited video contents to WaTV. We then also automatically place them into our video channels including YouTube, AOL, and more!

So how do you get started?

Simple. Log into your WaTunes account, click on ‘Add-Ons’ and purchase the WaTV NET subscription service. Afterwards, we’ll give you a temporary FTP account where you can deliver your video contents. From there, our WaTV Programming Team will get you started in putting your videos on WaTV and so much more!

Get into the new features and services this Holiday season today! As always, please let us know if you have any questions regarding any new updates on WaTunes!

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Announcement: New Updates & Features!

Hey guys,

Exciting times are ahead. Seasons are coming and we’re only a few months away until the start of a New Year. Its been a few weeks since WaTunes New Experience has launched and we’ve been getting great feedback on the new interface. I’m glad to say that this is just only the tip of the iceberg as we’ll be rolling out even more features and add-ons to make your music experience pleasant at WaTunes. Today I’d like to share with you new updates of what’s happening.

August 2009 Sales

If you are a WaTunes Label partner and have distributed your content through us, your August sales are now available. We will be transferring funds on November 2nd (which takes 3-5 business days) and will be issuing payments immediately after funds are fully transferred. If you have any questions regarding sales & royalties, please contact us.

VIP service to go monthly by November 1st, 2009

Starting on Sunday, November 1st, we will be offering the VIP services only on a monthly subscription basis and will be eliminating the yearly subscription fee. For just $14.95 a month you’ll be able to get all the VIP services and much more!

VIP (Cost: $14.95 a month)
– Sell Unlimited Songs & Ringtones
– Get Your Music on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, Rhapsody, Wal-Mart (and mobile stores like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Vodaphone, Sprint, and more!)
– Earn 100% of your Royalties
– Sell Your Music on ALL Music Store Services
– Get Considered for Marketing Placements (on-site and at the music stores)
– Fast Delivery to iTunes (1-4 weeks of delivery for Priority Contents).
– Get FREE iTunes Weekly Trending Reports
– New Music Store Offerings
– And More!

New Commenting System & News System

As you can see, we’ve added new features for your leisure. Now you’ll be able to post comments to your favorite artists and your friends. Be able to share information on whats new with other profile users. We also have a new ‘News’ section that is available on every page on the site to keep you updated on what’s happening at WaTunes! These are features that will be able to make your social music experience more pleasant. If you have any questions regarding these new updates, please let us know.

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August Sales 2009 delayed until Monday

Hey guys,

I just want to let you guys know that the August 2009 sales has been delayed and will be posted on Monday by 11:00PM EST. Please let us know if you are experiencing any problems with our new dashboard and features.

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Introducing the new iTunes Sync feature

Hey guys,

Great new features are rolling out as we move forward to the end of the year. One of the great new features we have now is the new iTunes Sync feature. This enables you to sync your iTunes Artist Pages to your WaTunes profile. With this great new development you’ll be able to easily draw your fans to buy your music on iTunes directly from your WaTunes Profile.

Q: So how do you get started?

Simple. Log in to your WaTunes account and follow the instructions below:

1: Click on Edit Profile
2: In the Contact Info input your iTunes ID
3: Your iTunes ID is your artist name (For Example: Michael Jackson would be “michaeljackson”, The Big Blue Band would be “thebigblueband”, etc.).
4: Click on “Update Contact” to update your profile.
5: Click on the “View Profile” link to view your profile with your new iTunes button.

That’s it! Now you can drive traffic from your WaTunes profile to iTunes to enable your fans to buy more of your music all in one go. As always please share with us your feedback on any features we add. Your feedback helps us make WaTunes an even greater experience.

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New Site Updates + Building Your WaTunes Profile!

Hey guys,

We’ve updated our website a bit and have enabled a profile based feel. Please by all means, update your profile with as much information as you can as this will help build your presence in WaTunes. Now a lot of people have been asking me:

Q: If I go through another distributor, can I still be apart of WaTunes?

A: The answer is: Absolutely!

WaTunes is a very social driven service and enables anyone and everyone from any distributor or any website to showcase their music, attract new fans, and collaborate with new and interesting artists without using the WaTunes distribution service. Get all of your information from one place through WaTunes and much more.

So if you’re a WaTunes user, updating your WaTunes profile is the first step to building exposure in a mature space. Promoting your WaTunes profile is also a great way to gain exposure, increase sales, and give you fans instant interaction through your Profile. Are you on Skype? Then update your WaTunes profile to enable fans and fellow artists to give you an instant call, all for FREE!

Without further delays, I introduce you guys to check out our new updates and have fun building your profiles!

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How to receive Sales Reports & Payments

Please click on the topic link to learn how to receive your sales & reports as a WaTunes Label Partner.

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WaTunes (Music Store Listing)

Hey guys,

I’ve posted the list of music stores we service. Feel free to check them out and let us know if you need anything at all.

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Music Videos Now Available on Playstation 3!

Hey guys,

Exciting times are head. We are updating our new Content Delivery System that will automate the process of deliveries to all music store services as well as to unveil our Music Video distribution service and pricing (Music Video distribution fees do apply to both VIP customers & FREE customers).

With Music Video distribution through WaTunes, you’ll have the ability to deliver your Music Videos to iTunes, VidZone, and other music store services that carries video content. Our pricing will include all music video store channels and unlimited inventory.

Another great news is that for those of you who have try out our Music Video distribution service while it was in BETA testing, I am proud to say that your contents are now available at VidZone (Playstation 3). Below are screenshots of bands that has delivered their Music Videos and is now able to view their videos via the VidZone service:

Dice, K9 – Eargasmic

dcfreeband – Clean Energy Song

Sketch Bros. – We’d (WiiD)

PROWLR – Last Day

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[Online Artist Promo] – WaTunes Offers Free Digital Distribution to iTunes

Special thanks to Tom Siegel for writing a thorough review about WaTunes and the new services that is to come! Check out the full review at:

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1 Week After the Launch of WaTunes New Experience

Hey guys,

Wow! What a killer week. It’s been exactly 7 days since the launch of WaTunes New Experience. I must say the launch was a great success! Lots of great feedback of the site and some bug experiences which is always going to happen when new versions are made available. Long with bugs and fixes are real suggestions and ideas from you, the customers. I am very excited because we listen to your feedback, your suggestions, and your ideas and put them to a form to where we can create new ways to make your WaTunes experience better.

One of the obvious that we will concentrate on the site this week is a much more robust “Getting Started” guide. This will be links posted on Get Satisfaction (GS) and will provide more in-depth information including: “Submitting Your Music”, “How to view Sales Reports”, How to Maximize Profile Exposure” “Getting Featured Spotlights on WaTunes” “Learn about Profile Management” and more.

Stay tuned guys as this site will only get better and better! 🙂

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